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Monday, 30 August 2010

Silvers Spells For Abundance

Silvers Spells For Abundance Cover

Book: Silvers Spells For Abundance by Silver Ravenwolf

Here’s a delightful bag of tricks for Banishing poverty and opening the door to personal abundance. Renowned Witch Silver RavenWolf presents magickal techniques—personally designed and tested by the author—that can help you get the upper hand on your cash flow. From inviting wealth into your home with Prosperity Floor Wash to invoking the elements for financial assistance, this beginner’s guide to abundance magick is for anyone who’s ever worried about money.

Silver RavenWolf (Pennsylvania) is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest-growing faiths in America today. The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Bust Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, the St. Petersburg Times, the National Review, Publishers Weekly, Body & Soul Magazine, and Teen Lit Magazine. Her many titles include the bestselling Solitary Witch, Teen Witch, To Ride A Silver Broomstick, To Stir A Magick Cauldron, To Light A Sacred Flame, American Folk Magick, Angels: Companions in Magick, Silver’s Spells for Prosperity, Silver's Spells for Protection, Silver's Spells for Love, Halloween, and the Witches’ Night Out teen fiction series.

This Little Book is very helpful for bringing positive abundance in your life. It's not a book that tells you: 'do these spells and you'll be RICH!' That's not what it's about at all. Rather, it's a book on getting your (financial) life into balance. Which is certainly not a bad thing! After all - it's difficult to focus on spiritual matters when you're constantly stressed over finances. I suggest to the bashers that they actually READ the book instead just assuming what it's about. (Gee, what a concept!)

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