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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Martyrs Marcian And Martyrius The Notaries Of Constantinople

Martyrs Marcian And Martyrius The Notaries Of Constantinople


The Martyrs Marcian and Martyrius, Notaries of Constantinople served in a Constantinople cathedral. Marcian was a reader and Martyrius a subdeacon. They all performed in the command of notaries, i.e. secretaries, for Patriarch Paul the Confessor (November 6).

Arian heretics driven out and surreptitiously executed the dead on Patriarch Paul. His throne was exclusive to the heretic Macedonius. The heretics attempted to withdraw Sts Marcian and Martyrius first-class to their phase by flattery. They available them gold and promised to make sacred them as archbishop, but all the efforts of the Arians were in conceited.

Thus the dissipated threatened to pillory them prior the emperor, and hunted to intimidate them with distress and death. But the saints unbendingly confessed Traditionalism, as handed down by the Fathers of the Priestly. Marcian and Martyrius were sentenced to death. Not later than death, the martyrs prayed, "Lord God, Who retain invisibly formed our hearts, and directed all our comings and goings, private with shut up the souls of Your servants, in the same way as we evaporate for You and are leisurely as follower for the massacre (Ps 32/33:15; 43/44:22). We triumph that by such a death we shall take out this life for Your Give a buzz. Help us to be partakers of life eternal with You, the Collection of life." Whilst their prayer the martyrs, with depressing party, shady their necks underneath the sword of the dissipated (+ ca. 335).

Their holy bodies were politely suppressed by Pennant Christians. Future, by regulation of St John Chrysostom, the leftovers of the holy martyrs were transferred to a church built in their celebrity. Believers wearing were healed of normal infirmities uninterrupted the prayers of the saints, to the accept of the One Life-Creating Trinity.


In holy zeal you dispelled the interval of Arius,Proclaiming the Trinity in one corpse.Holy Martyrs Marcian and Martyrius,Unshaken bulwarks of Traditionalism.Long for to Christ our God to distinguish us his intense mercy!


You fought well from your inferior, O reasonable martyrs,And by preserving the Pennant Optimism inviolateYou humbled the fugitive AriusFaithfully be with your researcher, Paul.In consequence, with him you retain found life as champions of the Trinity!


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