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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cooking Up Some Magick

Cooking Up Some Magick
Herbs lay claim to magickal properties and we use them in spells, lotions and potions - but what about cooking some magick featuring in your meals?

I do neighboring to cook with the seasons, arduous to use vegetables and fruits that are in mature, and everyplace possible sourced nationally.

Inaccessible from the trite abet of using in mature and special tell somebody to - in that it is fresher and tastier, it in addition connects me with the seasons of mother earth and her changes. In this way it helps me to be aware of the seasons and to formalize and honour mother earth.

I lead to a lot of my own herbs, I minimally lay claim to a feeble garden so I lead to supreme of the herbs in pots. In vogue the nascent mature I tirelessly arrange the herbs to use and the too much of a good thing I dry to use in the winter months.

I in addition love to cook and use herbs a lot in my recipes. To sanction your cooking with the energy of herbs understand these steps:

Produce the herb via you add it to the pot with your understanding.

As you whisk, rubdown or hem the throw visualise your understanding.

And cook with love and passion!

At all ordinary herbs and spices and their magickal correspondences:

Allspice - money, luck, healing

Almonds - money, prosperity, wisdom

Anise - protection, sanitization, lesser

Apple - love, healing, immortality

Apricot - love

Avocado - love, lust, beauty

Cream, lemon - love, stroke, healing

Banana - productivity, concentration, prosperity

Barley - love, healing, protection

Aromatic plant - love, wealth, protection

Bay - protection, psychic powers, healing, sanitization, fanaticism

Beet - love

Blackberry - healing, money, protection

Blueberry - protection

Borage - gravel, psychic powers

Brazil nut - love

Buckwheat - money, protection

Cabbage - luck

Capers - lust, love

Caraway - protection, lust, health, mental powers

Cardamon - lust, love

Carob - protection, health

Buy off - productivity, lust

Cashew - money

Celery - mental powers, lust, psychic powers

Chamomile - money, catch forty winks, love, protection, calming, catch forty winks

Crimson - love

Chestnut - love

Chicory - removing obstacles, invisibility

Chilli mystery - fidelity, hex breach, love

Cinnamon - spirituality, stroke, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, protection, love

Clove - protection, love, money

Coconut - sanitization, protection, chastity

Coriander - love, health, healing

Corn/maize - protection, luck

Cucumber - chastity, healing, productivity

Dill - protection, money, lust, love

Endive - lust, love

Fennel - protection, healing, sanitization

Fenugreek - money

Fig - productivity, love

Galangal - protection, lust, health, money, psychic powers, hex breach

Garlic - protection, healing, lust

Carroty - love, money, stroke, power

Grape - productivity, mental powers, money

Horseradish - sanitization, exorcism

Juniper - protection, love, exorcism, health

Amethyst - love, protection, catch forty winks, chastity, sanitization, good, lull

Leek - love, protection, exorcism

Lemon - longevity, sanitization, love, friendship

Lemongrass - lust, psychic powers

Lemon Verbena - sanitization, love

Lettuce - chastity, protection, love, catch forty winks

Licorice - lust, love, fidelity

Conservational - healing, love, protection

Casino - psychic powers, mental powers

Marjoram - protection, love, good, health, money

Load - money, lust, healing, exorcism, protection

Mustard - productivity, protection, mental powers

Vex - exorcism, protection, healing, lust

Nutmeg - luck, money, health, fidelity

Crazy - productivity, prosperity

Oats - money

Naive - healing, lull, productivity, protection, lust

Onions - protection, exorcism, healing, money, prophet dreams, lust

Yellowish-brown - love, luck, money

Palm dates - productivity

Papaya - love, protection

Thyme - lust, protection, sanitization

Pea - money, love

Peach- love, exorcism, longevity, productivity, wishes

Pear - lust, love

Pecan - money, make use of

Sprinkle, black - protection, exorcism

Pineapple - luck, money, chastity

Pistachio - breach love spells

Plantain - healing, fanaticism, protection

Plum - love, protection

Pomegranate - luck, wishes, wealth, productivity

Potato - healing

Quince - protection, love, good

Radish - protection, lust

Raspberry - protection, love

Rhubarb - protection, fidelity

Rice - protection, rain, money, productivity

Aromatic plant - protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, sanitization, healing, catch forty winks, lesser

Rye - love, fidelity

Saffron - love, healing, good, lust, fanaticism, psychic powers

Spiritual guide - immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection, wishes

Sesame - money, lust

Shallot - sanitization

Strawberry - love, luck

Sugar - love, lust

Tea (black) - wealth, gravel, fanaticism

Herb - Vigor, healing, catch forty winks, psychic powers, love, sanitization, gravel

Tomato - prosperity, protection, love

Turmeric - sanitization

Turnip - protection, fragment family

Vanilla - love, lust, mental powers

Walnut - health, mental powers, drought, wishes

Wheat - productivity, money

I can recommend the like books for some witchy cooking:

Witch in the Kitchen by Cait Johnson

The Dutiful Witches Kitchen by Kate West

Lacto-vegetarian God by Karri Allrich

Like fun with your cooking!




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