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Monday, 2 August 2010

Satanic Pagan Calendars

Satanic Pagan Calendars Cover

Book: Satanic Pagan Calendars by Anonymous

Satanic Pagan calendar New Years Eve the 30th April Walpurgis Nacht, the high feast of satanism into May Day May 1st, then onto the next quarter of Old Beltane on May 15th, then to the Summer Solstice, on to the next quarter Lammas on August 1st through to the Autumn Equinox then to the next quarter Hallowmas on November 11th to the Winter Solstice and to the February quarter Candlemas.

We shall now look at the year in terms of esoteric law and ritual. The whole year is broken up into precise block systems, of course there are far to many to name them all, but we shall look at the main dates those versed in the occult use for certain aspects of their life. Not all these are satanic in their essence, but given the fact that Satanism or Luciferianism has ruled for 7000 years and more, many of these dates have a great satanic significance in many cases they override what are ancient dates of importance especially from the pagan world. We shall look at the basic dates for the year then look at them in greater detail. You must keep in mind of course that esoteric or occult knowledge is in itself neutral, it is the mind and thus energy called upon that determines what the outcome will be, as negative as many of the energies existent upon planes outside this third dimension, there is equal balanced and benevolent energies waiting to be called upon, with far more power. The reason this Earth is imbalanced to the negative is because most who utilise energy do so in the quest for personal wealth and power, something the balanced energies do not offer, yet such spiritual power is the consequence of enrichment of ones soul but in a balanced essence benefiting all and not the self or egoic aspect of man, what the native American’s call working with the Earth, as opposed to calling on energies outside the earth for personal power to lord over others, the sickness of civilisation. The whole of what we call civilisation and culture is controlled by keeping mans energies focused to the three lower Chakras beneath the heart, Root Chakra = Judaism, Sacral Chakra = Islam, and Christianity the Solar Plexus Chakra, the trinity of total imbalance, made so because these three are below the heart chakra therefore cancelling out love, and as the energy travels up the Chakra system it is imbalanced so the human cannot utilise the upper Chakras…Man is fixed in the underworld…The fall of man. It is all going on inside you as an individual, to seek for physical Extraterrestrial beings is to miss the point and only further projection achieved. I am not saying Extraterrestrial beings do not exist, but the spiritual journey is within you which in the human form is a solar system and universe in and of itself.

The Christian esoteric years begins in the autumn with the passing of the Equinox, the satanic Year begins on May 1st, the Earth or Pagan New Year is April 1st. We shall follow the satanic calendar as you can then follow the evil idiots through the year, once you fully grasp this system it becomes Childs play to see their game…They become predictable which is the case with tiny minds and creatures of ritual which the reptile aspect to the human brain is, it depends on ritual, hierarchy and the most basic of life impulses I have termed to ‘Fight, Feed and Fuck’ to become dominant over all because at this level of Consciousness you are governed by fear of all around you, take it from me I speak from experience.

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