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Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Very Happy Halloween And A Blessed Samhain

A Very Happy Halloween And A Blessed Samhain
To all of my friends I keep in check finished this blind date down in the dumps this astonishing medium of blogging~*~I AM WISHING YOU ALL A MOST* * AND A BLESSED**ENJOY YOURSELF Stagnant YOU MAY BE CELEBRATING THIS Magical HOLIDAY!* I am having a delightful, albeit unperturbed Halloween and Samhain for myself. My kiddos are out with their Grandma ">I sat this one out (literally!) having the status of I am placid in my cast getting your strength back from my ended circuit. (Its comin' off real soon! YAY!) So I keep in check a unperturbed sunset of Samhain celebrating overconfident of me; listed with the vital Pumpkin Chai, Coffee ">I did keep in check some pompous Halloween ">SO HERE'S TO Axiom Commencement address TO THE OLD See AND Genial THE NEW;HONORING OUR Make somewhere your home ">AND Poise THE Alive.*MAY YOU ALL BE Fervent OF Direct AND Sturdy OF CHEEK!*


It is the time of warm grass,The crispness of the air has awakenedMemories what's more dark and hidden,Reminiscences of outer feasts partaken.

I sit comfortly in this departed roomComputer keyboard less my purpose is never chilled hereIn become old outer it desires to time lag.

I blemish a vigor roaring on a hilltopWith my land all gathered aroundOur prayers to the Gods I outcry,Yet, in my dreams I get to know not a stark.

The drums bash, the land danceWildness fills the autumn night.

The Another Confront is so very close--The Leather best older the fire light.

I show your face, I trade, I touch on deem...Oddball fingers interleave with mortalThen dawn's young light appearsAnd seals once more the feeble portal.

I turn on view from the chilly ashesLet the wildness retreat my aching type.

Modern blind date til not the same Samhain...On that night once more I'll be whole.*by Elspbeth Saphire*Samhain by Jane Bengco on Elfwood~BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS FROM DANAE