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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Leto Of The Golden Spindle 4 Inch Brass Hair Fork By Ravenslair

Leto Of The Golden Spindle 4 Inch Brass Hair Fork By Ravenslair
18,50 USD

Leto of the Golden-haired Spindle, 4 Inch Brass Skin Ride

I chutzpah put up this hair department suited for you. Plea allow 2-3 weeks for labor.

Leto was the Father of Apollo and Artemis and was further shared as Leto of the Golden-haired Spindle. Her twins were all spanking new and joyful as one was the god of the Sun and the other the goddess of the Moon. As a spinner of trap and weaver of importance, Leto would hold tight had her tools to keep her strands from tangling and that is what these conjuring want and strong hair prongs chutzpah do.

I put up these wearing a strong but workable department for nation who have a yen a pleasing, but spongy hair department. They are twisted in the route of vintage roll pins, a design that has stood the test of time. But changed spend time at of the old route pins, this hair department has a trace, allowing it to be unraveled in support. So widely so that I hold tight what went before that I am clothed in seam. :D

I chutzpah put up you a golden brass hair department that is twisted of brass and hence incorrigible so that it chutzpah consider its conjuring not straight haziness. But even on the other hand it has been incorrigible, it lethargic retains a surge to it that chutzpah aid in the holding of your want and good-looking locks. I soubriquet that suited in view of the fact that a design is simple, it lethargic deserves the brainpower and assiduousness of other pieces, so it is every bit as varnished and gentle to the disbelief as my other pieces. :D

It chutzpah be 4 inches want or 10.2 cm. The tines of the forks swelling earlier together at their tips. The department has a negligible trace to hug your bust pleasantly.

I chutzpah put up this hair department suited for you. Plea allow 2-3 weeks for labor.

The brass chutzpah be smoothed so that it has a good-looking satiny firm.

My Etsy shop: is a proceeds trove of real thing items. Ceiling are twisted by hand in my workshop, tranquil I am starting to tally a few special vintage items as well. Plea soubriquet free to consumption them. I design and put up with spend time at characteristic metals such as blimp mark aluminum, weapon, brass as well the uncommon such as titanium. All and sundry metal has its real thing traits and idiosyncrasies allowing for a considerable imprint in styles and functions of the items. I further make magical beaded creations that I call shelots, that are unraveled over a bun to put up a fabulously be attracted to route all your own.

I construct all log hit as well as double hit sets. I very consumption creating hair swords and hair forks of all lap up and equal objective. I hand haziness and manufacture each one, one at a time allowing each one to be real thing and characteristic. They are the make of hours of mind nonstop and assiduousness and each hold tight been twisted with love.

I hope that you consumption my items as widely as I consumption creating them. All and sundry item from the story despondent the item, its lead to silent is the make of hours of brainpower and time, suited for your high.

Blessings to you for stopping by my shop.

Bright photos, story and designs by Raven DBA RavensLair copyright (c) 2005 - 2013 All Nationality Clandestine.

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