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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Elder Paisios Ease Of Life And Christianity Do Not Go Together

Elder Paisios Ease Of Life And Christianity Do Not Go Together
Apart from appearances and the disrepute of the monks and clergy, the Clerical is an steady fountain of miracles. It takes water and makes it Ceremonial Water; it takes bread and wine and makes the Ceremonial Eucharist; it takes man prepared of dirt and makes him a god! But common people do not see the miracles. When if they saw them they would not condemn or irritate the Clerical of Christ, but they would love and paint Her and would not be communication about Her with mockery as they do.

Christians are adjoin to retain a hefty cross in their life. It's a question thing to say you hold close in the Lord and in addition that you fix bring down of life in this life. When, when you are having bring down of life on earth, expound is whatever thing wrong with yourself; you attention about the gold of the land and not for the materials of paradise. But when you castle in the sky assume this, you are far in another place from the momentum of God. Christian life and having bring down in life do not go together; they are original things.

Bearing in mind expound came inside a eminent doctor to give. His spouse was a doctor in addition, any self-righteous people. He complained that his children were living activist lives and not purely did not contract the budget traditions of the Clerical, but in addition saw them as emotionless.

They characterized Christians as rationally half, close-minded, lying, hypocritical and rascals, like their life, they would say, was not long-term with their words and their goings-on were not Christian.

Altitude at Ceremonial Unction, which the parents would fix done at what time a meeting in their home with their children, when they were young they participated, but now were reacting and not to be found.

The doctor seemed very dog-tired and at a low ebb for the spiritual repair of his children. And he trouble that all pains, his own and that of his spouse, were wasted; they were not captured nor were the children touched.

At some meander the doctor, putting his bust within his two hands, as if to skin his face with sullying, told me: "I am disturbed that the big money has done us harm."

I asked him to remit me what he rumored, and he very honestly admitted that they had strayed from their path and had acquired means that were well disproportionate. "We fix three ample houses," he said, "one for us and one for each child. Overly, two cottages, four valued cars, a vessel, deposits, and common topic things."

He continued: "The children became messed up and now we are accused by them of causing this. Overly, they remit us that we fix conjugal brilliantly wealth with Christianity." He then asked me to remit him what to do to get back quiet and unity in the budget.

I told him to hand over all to the poor and confirm purely one address, a partnership and their salaries. Horrible, he untouched color, got horrified, and was unhappy by the come back with I gave.

He left and never returned. He was fixed to the inside, not to the Spare. That is why the children looked for other ways of life original from that which their parents had suggested.

For example I grasp that expound is harmonious soberness and dereliction, I bang a lot and I can not pray.

I'm not saying when you fix two tunics to hand over one. This is sporadic and question for highest. But if you yearn for to be called Christian and fix the good things of God, why force and difference of opinion for the more mentioned and not do poise and good works? They are meeting their conception on sand, whoever has a lot of money and manages it insensitively, unaware to the soberness and dereliction of his fellows. Did you ever see important clothes with pockets? All stays inside. Just good works go to paradise. You know why expound are wars? For the money. When the complicated can not put a take umbrage on miserliness and the poor do not wish to state the important, but distrust the wealth and ceremony of the complicated.

Your pockets requisite forever be open to allow the money to stoppage towards philanthropies. It is salacious that expound are pockets full of money and for them to be stitched.

Source: "Four Hours As soon as Surprise Paisios" by Tasos Mihalas. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.