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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Old Witchcraft Secrets

Old Witchcraft Secrets Cover

Book: Old Witchcraft Secrets by Archmage Bob Andrews

“This book contains rare incantations that belonged only to the pharaohs and their most trusted priests,” Andrews said. “These spells were successfully used in those times to make the miracles that our science is still trying to figure out.”

Among the secret spells revealed in “Old Witchcraft Secrets” are: the health spells that were used to build the pyramids, Cleopatra’s secret seduction spell and much more.

“My ebook is filled with witchcraft gems that only the pharaohs, the direct descendents of Ra, the Sun God, knew,” Andrews said. “Their power was so great that they could bring rain into the desert so that the pharaohs could live longer to ensure their reign. ‘Old Witchcraft Secrets’ reveals to those alive today how to harness this great power and use it for their own benefit.”

Those who read Andrews’ ebook will learn the witchcraft nuggets that only a handful of lucky people even knew existed a short time ago, including "super-advanced" skills, "know-how" and techniques that will enable them: to Cast Spells for love that guarantee an "animal" attractiveness and sexuality that makes the opposite sex dream of them in just 3 days; to cast spells to re-ignite the white-hot passion in a long-term relationship; to cast "blizzard-powerful" money spells; to become "invulnerable" to curses or any magic that was done against them; to unleash and manage a steady new stream of youthful healing energy; and much more.

“Readers of this ebook get private access to antique spells and rituals that will allow them to shape their life exactly how they want to,” Andrews said. “Imagine being able to cast a Soul Mate Love spell and in 2 days find the person you love; imagine using the Ancient Indian Ritual for Wealth and then stunning all of your friends when they learn you have all the money you need; imagine being able to boost your physical presence, desirability, and attractiveness. That’s what this ebook makes possible.”

“I myself used one of the spells revealed in this book to find my soul mate,” Andrews said. “In only 7 days, I found her. It was magic! And we are still happily married after 12 years and now we have two wonderful children.”

Readers of “Old Witchcraft Secrets” will also learn: a time-forgotten method to cast spells or perform rituals that helps you become a master in witchcraft fast; how to "focus" mental energy to give your rituals tremendous power; a ‘Top Sport Champion’s formula’ to visualize and complete your goals; how to change your altar tools to drastically help your spell results; a complete list of "must have" artifacts, herbs, candles, potions that you need to cast devastating powerful spells; the Magic Circle Ritual, an outstanding incantation that guarantees to triple your spell effectiveness and keep you protected from evil forces; the precise time you need to cast spells and incantations to pump into your life miraculous results; and much more.

Download Archmage Bob Andrews's eBook: Old Witchcraft Secrets

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