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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Water Stones

Water Stones
This is a impartially revered list of stones and crystals ruled by the element of water, along with their attributes and uses.

AMETHYST: The amethyst is one of the best positive magical stones. Assumed to difficulty drunkenness, a example of amethyst was habitually dropped clothed in a goblet of wine. The amethyst is an sturdily spiritual stone and is first-class for opening the third eye, shifting consciousness, and emergent psychic activity. It is believed to unite a peaceful drag. It plus works well in beauty spells.

AQUAMARINE: The aquamarine is the stone of the Sea Witch. It is first-class for emergent psychic activity, cleansing, purifying, travel protection, and promoting peace and accordance.

AZURITE: This stone promotes psychic activity and insight. It may plus be second hand in healing spells.

BERYL: Beryl is the material second hand for true crystal balls. It can be torn to protect vs. crass weather or to request rain. It is believed to aclm arguments by allowing public, spiky debate.

Soft CALCITE: Soft calcite is first-class for healing and purifying.

Soft Interweave AGATE: This stone promotes peace and execution in the function of torn or carried. It plus absorbs stress. Soft lace agate has a peaceful drag on the household in the function of located about the home or torn as jewelry.

CELESTITE: Celestite absorbs stress, promotes healing, and helps the wearer disorder emotions. This stone is methodically first-class in treat settings.

CHALCEDONY: Chalcedony is fresh good stone in treat settings. It plus serves to cross vs. psychic condemn and nightmares.

JADE: According to African belief, lime has the power to stimulate rain to fall. It is plus second hand in prosperity matters, as an attractant for good luck, and to attract love and friendship.

LAPIS LAZULI: Lapis lazuli is a stone of fitting deepness. Having the status of torn, it is believed to work on one's environment, mental round about, and farsightedness and to primed the spirit by attracting widespread armed of love. It plus works well in matters pertaining to loyalty.

LEPIDOLITE: Lepidolite is a stone of peace. Its calming atmosphere are believed to primed even the upper limit warring of tempers. It absorbs stress and make you see red.

MOONSTONE: The moonstone attracts love atmosphere. It is plus first-class in prosperity matters, protection, and emergent one's psychic atmosphere.

SAPPHIRE: Sacred to Apollo, the cobalt has been official with emergent psychic activity, love, protection, getting better one's extroverted life, and relieving make you see red.

SELENITE: Selenite is second hand for boosting one's fitting energy and deepening the sticking to in the midst of lovers.

SODALITE: Sodalite is fresh treat stone. It is believed to liniment disquiet, stress, worry, make you see red, and mental imbalances.

From: The Elementary Witch