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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Banishing Vinegar Original Ultra Powerful Potion 3 5oz Banishing Negative Energies Spiritual Disturbances


Four Thieves Vinegar dates back to the 15th century, perhaps even the 14th, and has been hand-me-down in hoodoo rootwork and magic as a powerful tool to dissolve sad energies, toil improbable evil and protection from psychic attacks brought about by magic. The potion is hand-me-down to boost up you and desecrate the opponent and provides protection in opposition to all kinds of sad armed forces.

This Banishing Vinegar is an specially powerful potion, charged under the revert moon, the best time for casting out and banishing. The vinegar was moreover set under the new or dark moon for one night to boost up its power to allow for repair and new youth. This specially powerful potion is charged to calm any glumness that may be in the opposite direction you or your home. Serious disturbances? Perhaps someone is causing harm to you, distribution their deleterious energy all exclusive you... cube elongated bad energy.... you indigence it gone? For that reason this is the stuff.

Use the vinegar to clean right of entry knobs so that sad energies are cleansed and new glumness is halted previously it can get at home your sacred space. Recoat porthole sills, hands, spray at entryways for protection, add to a bucket of water as a leave speechless dry-clean, cars, offices, its uses are massive. Breeze your aim or a spell on paper, torrent it in the vinegar, moreover buckskin it or go over the top with it. Use it to "dry-clean your hands" of bad the general public, an ex that wont happen bugging you, enemies, the general public who are trying your energy. Use for cleansing rituals of all kinds, home blessing and clearing rituals, cleanse gemstones and crystals, ritual tools.

This specially powerful Banishing Vinegar potion contains vervain, garlic, caraway, thyme, base sunburned, bluish-purple, lemon prepare, tawny prepare, peppercorns, emaciated perforate and sage. Depending upon the firmness of the glumness, you can continuously try the traditional Four Thieves Vinegar dejected hip in the shoppe.

3.5 powerful ounces in a hand-me-down Roman Practice close corked tin can ~

Do not ingest and continuously column magical potions and what not, improbable from children and pets. Contents read our disagreement under our Hole Polices for high-class meticulous information.

Banishing VinegarTM is an unusual proprietary structure created specially by Sickly Magick Alchemy. Inconsolably, past over, deceitful by newborn dealer hip on Etsy. Attention of the Come out Cats who are copying all my products. No matter which you see in my shoppe are my own unusual formulations, unusual names, and Old Handiwork designs. Dont be fooled by the Old Handiwork knock-offs ~ xo

(c) Sickly MAGICK ALCHEMYTM, A Bloc of Lilac Sun Candle Federation, Inc.TM 1996-2012. Banishing VinegarTM No part of the happy, designs, images, product market name(s), market product design(s) and product(s) can be hand-me-down in need prior disorder on paper agreement. All internship bitter.