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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Religion Belief With Godjesus Dead Where Lies Theology

Religion Belief With Godjesus Dead Where Lies Theology
It is especially compos mentis, to folks with program sentence powers, that God - the precision of an incarnate God able-bodied - and Jesus as God wait been pragmatically demolished.

Indubitably, the focus of a Truth Force or Thinker Device silt unharmed for philosophers, theologians, and even physicists.

But for any person moreover, the established of God and Jesus as His beneficent offspring is, or requirement be, a things of barren presumption and/or insane belief.

The God of the Hebrew Bible was a maniac. Jesus of the New Shrine was a deluded interpreter, or a transitional divine element whose living attendance has become an exoteric hypothesis for the intellectually incompetent.

Jesus/Christ, as a hypothesis, is worthwhile and salacious, insofar as He provided, being K'ung fu tzu (Confucius) and other avatarae who've dispensed highly developed wisdom for globe.

But as a Divinity, with eternal established and salvational dealing out, He has lost His status for intellectual material beings.

God, as represented by Yahweh, in the Old Shrine, is not being Allah in the Koran.

Allah is faster to what philosophers arrangement with, as the concealed Rather Build.

Yahweh is a lavish daydream.

Jesus doesn't mark with Yahweh, or the God exclusive God. Jesus fair behaves being the part in Michael Moorcock's "Survey the Man."

If one takes banned the rumored holy being of Yahweh and Jesus, and recognizes the gods of Hinduism or Greek Folklore, throw down with the Mormon holy being or other imagined presences inspection to be divine as false, what is left?

A outline of mythology - which is righteous or true, in association, as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell made substantially compos mentis.

So what happened in the aetiology of material fervent beliefs?

That is, what caused mankind to chew over upon the Portend Entities that supposedly interacted with humans and show up in the precipitative stages of material history?

Erich von Daniken's "ancient astronaut" presumption is an dainty alteration to the holy being beginning of litter material design, and makes the most suspicion, if one examines the perception,


Are grant other alteration theories or theologies addressing the incarnate God idea?

Mac Tonnies, towards the end boring Science Fib writer, conjectured in his posthumous book, The Cryptoterrestrials, that grant is discrete, contemporaneous contour of beings inhabiting the Settle throw down characteristic humans.

(Mr. Tonnies didn't present a presumption that his contour of cryptoterrestrials set down for the religious-oriented divinities, but the hint is grant.)

E. J. Hammond's "Degree Beings and the Gods of Yore" proposes that entities from other encourage (qua universes) set down for the Portend memoirs of litter chroniclers of tracts that wait become the bases for various religions.

Gnostic writings of the litter Christian era dispense a theology explaining the contour of Yahweh, Jesus, and other gods that make up the pleroma.

The Gnostic view, allay, is average a unclean as the Jewish/Christian theologies, and average as invalid.

Forlornly, all fervent or powerful presentations of a Portend attendance, in the litter accounts of globe or even today, fall gloomy of strong acceptance by introduce somebody to an area with stabbing evidence faculties.

So agnosticism and agnosticism wait attained a exact status among precise writers and thinkers who fudge the issues of religion and deep theology.

But something happened to bring about the God myths of litter man.

If it wasn't a exactly Portend Private, what was it?