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Thursday, 14 January 2010

A Goddess Shrine Blessing

A Goddess Shrine Blessing
I love to look upon the Goddesses during the various grow old prescribed to them. Both Holy being has a entity day (or days) set detour honorable for them. You can find normal of these days in the book self-sacrificing everyday Wicca' by Gerina Dunwich (see pages 30-44 for a list of Gods, Goddesses and days).

I set my altar up for a entity Holy being using the various correspondences for Her, and I plus chant the subsequent blessing to give permission Her shrine:

"Per orbis terrarum ut est Suus somes, per aer ut est Suus spiritus, per incendia of Suus perspicuus phasmatis, per unda of Suus victus uterus, Ego molior is tombstone in nomen of"--(now, append the name of the Holy being you deem).

This makes for a simple, yet powerful and firm favorite dedication to your point Holy being of Whom you detain complete a special, sacred tombstone or altar to.

Fortunate be.