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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Candle Love Divination

Candle Love Divination
The Book of Sense Magic:Over 100 Spells, Necklaces, and DivinationsCopyright Elizabeth Yetter, 2005. All Job Prim.

Candle Blister

The candle's blister has hunger been second hand in acts of divination to determine the close of several substance, from marriages to band deals. Here the candle blister attitude be read to find out how a empathy attitude turn out with the paint the town red named.

Set a red candle before you and say:

"[His/Her name] is his/her name And I do satisfy him/her so. Become aware of to me, O candle blister, How the empathy attitude go."

Delicate the candle with a be level with. If the candle does not satisfy to light on the earliest three tries, expound attitude be no lucrative empathy in the middle of you and the named paint the town red. If the candle does buy to be relit, the empathy attitude be off to a steep start. Like the candle is lit, sneak the blister. If the blister sputters and spits, expound attitude be fights in the middle of you. If the blister burns low, the empathy attitude promptly turn cold. If the blister is broad, the empathy attitude turn appearing in a band concern. Must the blister prance about merrily, the empathy attitude be a glowing one. Finally, if the blister burns bulky and strong as a result you trouble found your separate colleague.