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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Willow The Wiccan

Willow The Wiccan Cover Willow's worldview is called Wicca, which is a loosely organized set of beliefs that are rooted in mystical traditions, including but not limited to Celtic or Norse paganism, Greek and Roman goddess worship, ancient Egyptian spirituality, Eastern Shamanism, or even Native American spiritual practices, depending on the group. Willow was attracted to Wicca because of the strong connection she felt with the world around her and in particular with nature. Willow is generally tolerant of other religions, but she does not welcome anyone trying to 'convert' her.

What Willow Believes? Willow and other Wiccans vary in their beliefs, but the majority of them would hold to the eight beliefs listed below:

* Everyone has the divine (or goddess) within, and everyone has a 'life-force'.
* One should develop natural gifts for divination or occult magic (often spelled 'magick' by occultists.)
* Divine forces or nature spirits are invoked in rituals.
* The Goddess, as either a symbol or a real entity, is the focus of worship.
* Nature and the earth are sacred manifestations of the Goddess.
* Everyone has his or her own individual spiritual path to follow.
* Rituals and celebrations are linked to the seasons and moon phases.
* Meditation, visualization, invocation (calling on forces or gods/goddesses), chanting, burning candles and special rituals trigger a sense of the mystical, which typically reinforces their core belief system.

Things to Remember

* Like Tara the Typical, Willow is extremely sensitive toward anything that sounds intolerant and/or judgmental, so approach with extreme caution! As well, she sees Christianity as an oppressive religion, so be sure and show her love and respect.
* Ask Willow what she believes about Christianity, because she might have a distorted image of what Christianity is. Try and use this as an opportunity to help her develop a correct understanding of true Christianity.
* Don't confuse Wiccans with witches, because anyone can practice witchcraft, but Wiccans follow a strict code. Also, don't confuse Wiccans with Satanists, because most Wiccans don't believe in Satan or the devil.
* Outline the strengths and reliability of the Bible (accuracy, consistency, fulfilled prophecy, etc.) because Willow rejects it as unreliable.
* Stress your personal relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ and what impact that has on your daily life.
* Whether Willow knows it or not, she is in the grips of Satan, so like Sid the Satanist, be sure and cover your relationship and conversations with her in a ton of prayer.

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