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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Is Wicca Really Supported By The Us Taxpayers

Is Wicca Really Supported By The Us Taxpayers Cover It is not obvious exactly why people believes that Wicca (a.k.a. Witchcraft) and other minority religions are taxpayer-funded. In fact, a case can be made for the reverse: Wiccan soldiers are probably funded to a lesser degree than are Roman Catholics, Protestants and Jews.

Large armed forces bases frequently have one or more Protestant ministers, Roman Catholic priests, and a Jewish rabbis on staff. The military usually pays clergy salaries, provides chaplains with offices and support staff, etc. Fort Hood has 42,000 military personnel and 96 chaplains. Assuming that each chaplain (with office staff) costs a $75,000 per year, the government allocates $171 per year for the spiritual support of each Christian or Jewish soldier. But there are no Wiccan Priests, Priestesses, or chaplain office at Fort Hood. Wiccans are expected to fend for themselves, and provide their own priests and priestesses from within their own membership. (One reader reports that there is a major concentration of Wiccans in the army stationed in Germany that are served by a Neopagan Priestess.) The cost per Wiccan for spiritual support in Fort Hood is essentially nil.

Some news sources stated that the Army had increased security at Fort Hood "in order to deter members of Christian groups from intimidating the witches, who meet in campgrounds..." 9 The army would certainly incur costs due to this increased security. Perhaps a bit of gas would be used by some military police vehicles while they protected the Wiccans. Probably a few sheets of paper would be consumed by the MPs while preparing reports. MPs are not paid overtime, so there would be no increased cost due to salaries. The total cost of protection would be minimal. These trivial costs are not the fault of the Wiccans. They are caused by perceived danger due to local religious intolerance by a minority of Christians.

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