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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Cleansing And Purifying Your House With Sage

Cleansing And Purifying Your House With Sage Cover Sage is a wonderful herb that is not only good for cooking and Alternative Medicines but has great spiritual benefits. There are so many types of Sage out there but we are only going to discuss 1 typea the White Sage (Salvia Apiana) used for Smudge Sticks.

There is also the Diviners Sage (Salvia Divinorum) which is a Hallucinogenica but we wont get into that since our wonderful Government has made in illegal now in many states. Welcome to the Control System just like organized Religion!

This is perfect for getting rid of Foul Spirits or Negative Energy in your house. This is good to do after using the Ouija Board or Conjuring Spirits. Perhaps someone such as a neighbor or enemy whose energy you do not like has come into your house. Use this method to get rid of that energy!
To cleanse and Purify your house you will definitely use the entire Smudge Stick. You will be doing this on the inside of your house. Start at the front door and take the stick and wave it as if you were drawing an imaginary line around the shape of the door. Go in a clockwise motion. Then draw a straight line across the wall till you come to the first window. Then draw the shape of the window just like the door. Once again proceed to draw another straight line till you come to the next window and do the same. Continue this process around the whole house till you come back to the front doora. and don?t forget closet doors too. Now some people are anal about how they do this and they like to get every nook and cranny. I mean they get the base boards and the edge where the wall meets the ceiling. They even do inside the closets. This is all a matter of preference. You can make the call on that yourself as to how much effort you wish to put into this Ritual. As you are going around the house with your Smudge Sticka. Say out louda.. oAny and all Spirits and Energies that are not of the Light be gone, for you are not welcome here!o When you are donea place your Smudge Stick in something that will not catch fire. As I mentioned before I use a miniature Black Cauldron. I also place it with the burning end down so that it continues to burn effectively.

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