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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

My Typical Samhain Activities

My Typical Samhain Activities Cover
Those who are not Pagan or Wicca may wonder what we do on Samhain ~ Halloween. I though I'd share some common activities that I've participated in over the years and maybe you'll see some of the same things that you enjoy too.

* Go to circle at the beach during the sunset to wish those who will pass through this world good wishes as they find their way to Summerlands.
* Join friends to drink apple cider warmed and spiced with cinnamon to honor the dead.
* Carve scary faces on pumpkins and squash to scare off bad spirits from those who search for Summerlands.
* Choose a spirit candle and place the light inside the carved out pumpkins and squashes.
* Bury late harvest fruits like apples, nuts or pomegranate in your garden as food for the spirits who will pass by to be reborn. (Reincarnated)
* Hold a Dumb Supper where everyone is mute and the spirits you know will visit you.
* This is the beginning of the New Year from the turning of the wheel. Have a party with friends and bob for apples.
* Make your New Year resolutions. When you finish writing them on slips of parchment, burn them one by one in the flame of a black candle inside your cauldron on the altar.
* Get creative and make a mask of your shadow self.
* Make a witches broom, a besom. You can carve it, paint it or just let it sit in the corner.
* Create a witches cord that will reflect what you hope to conjure in the coming year.
* Make, then wear a costumes that signifies/represents your spirit animal, the God or Goddess.
* Divinations can be conjured with dark mirrors, a crystal ball, Tarot cards, water or fire scrying. This New Year starts with the masculine God and the Crone energies. Divining your future with the aid of the Crone will garner you wisdom and more.
Enjoy this time of year, with friends and family.

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