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Friday, 6 June 2014

The Streak Is Over

The Streak Is Over
Week Three of the Donation Mass at SciFi was our best turnout yet. We had 12 group - but countless new faces to the Donation landscape. Add in the trade who didn't make it this week, and we're embryonic stronger every week. I'm act the identical list I've been act for 3 weeks now - my Gloomy Zoo build has well-known itself to be very sound in our meta. The list I ran two weeks ago is arrived - the only merit in the middle of that one and what I ran this week is that the 3 Bygone Grudges in the SB are now Krosan Grips.

I towards the end don't end up with a Tough one bye, and relatively get balancing opposed to Shoebox with his Sushi Merfolk build. I know I'm in for a brawl - I competition opposed to Shoebox in every format, and his cabinet is coarsely specifically stalwart to beating Zoo. I really require to be overwhelming to get the quick blowout in game one, and believe that goodbye before time in game 3 gets me organize. Dejectedly, I lose the dieroll, and endure to mulligan to a casual 6-carder game one. A forgiving Wasteland on his part locks me out of a color, and he goes the salt away. Equal two, even whereas I'm on the speech, he gets organize with Sensitivity Snag on Unmanageable Nacatl. I coarsely track to come back, as I rip a Krosan Take, and Disenchant his Snag decent once he equips my Nacatl with a Umezawa's Jitte, but he's got two mana to reequip to different of his dorks previously I can make any variety of gain off it. He also does what Merfolk does best - dip about a part dozen Lords in the space of two turns and flip flop from declare to aggro in imitation of I've been systematic out of the prehistoric game. I've towards the end been handed my before time representative equivalence loss with Zoo! 0-1

Tough two I'm in imitation of over balancing opposed to my roommate, Jeff. Stagnant, relatively of his Mono-Red build, he's experimenting with a Goyf-Sligh type build - still the impetuous fly of mono red, but focusing on top on feat out a turn one or turn two Moon-effect esteem to some on loan Chrome Mox from Shoebox. He's likewise got some frank tech with Boggart Ram-Gang - it may not be overwhelming to end an opponent's Goyf, but it'll make it every time less significant. Shock, exiling one to a hrome Mox conduct he's got whichever colors in the neighborhood to him off the Mox now.

One of my dear moments in this equivalence was to the same degree he got out a Magus of the Moon, and it turned my 2/2 Unmanageable Nacatls trendy... 2/2 Unmanageable Nacatls. I no longer had a Plains, but now I had Mountains! It worked well for me, as it let me cast all the Bolts and such in my hand. Once over in this equivalence I fail to notice the rider on Manage Lightning, and he gets a free Incinerate off of me. Stagnant, he still runs out of film previously I do, and I get organize in two. Once over, I track to veer him down low plethora that deputy Skip finishes him off. Disgustingly enraged at this convoy, (he finished the misstep of playtesting previously the gathering opposed to Justin's Pox deck, and that can be a very infuriating equivalence for the non-Pox recitalist) Jeff requirements to expire, but I program him to guard in it. This ends up the same as the perpendicular comprise, as he wages to get revenge opposed to Justin's Pox deck in overweight 3 and also gets to troop in Eddie's summit a bit in overweight 4. 1-1.

Tough three, Phil and I towards the end get to endure our Zoo in opposition to Zoo showdown. This equivalence was very straightforward, and extremely interactive. I had a lot of fun with this equivalence, but in game 3 Phil is spring to keep triple Thicket of the Burnwillows Kavu Predator, and my Combination lock on his Predator shuts down the hand. He manages to guard in it for a bit as he has a Gargadon on the brink, so all my removal is feeding the beast, but I keep a Footway in hand. Each time he unsuspends the untruth, Footway seals his end, as part his lands are now in the terrace and he's out of cards in hand. Phil likewise mentions this equivalence in his tournament order, which is why I'm not goodbye trendy too very much dot arrived. Suffice to say, I enjoyed the equivalence, and emergence take place to the rematch. 2-1.

So once losing overweight one, I track to come back (over, esteem to good matchups) and am to be found to put to death in packs. I pay for Jared, rockin the Duke blue sweats and a Bant Countertop deck. Gloomy Confidant is the MVP of this equivalence - I get one out prehistoric game one, and draw pictures deputy the gas my challenger does gets organize. Pridemage is likewise good arrived, as I endure two of them down prehistoric previously he can respond them, which lets me procedure with his Make safe. Equal two it's even bring down for Jared - he lets me rod two Confidants, eager he can guard breathing hanker plethora with the deputy War Monks in his hand so that my own Bobs apparition end me. Stagnant, the flaw in this gameplan is that I'm still at 15 life at this convoy - which conduct that unless I hit one of the 3 sideboarded Krosan Grips (of which one is ahead of in my hand) also I'm sack a premier of 4 per turn. Meanwhile, I've got triple the card pay for he does, and at the end of the day he has to use his Top to respect a card on top, modify it for the Top, and speech whatever he managed to find. Meanwhile, I'm vacillation with impetuous chuck - I endure no pencil case vacillation a Bob trendy a Goyf. If he foliage it breathing, I'm that very much more readily to carnage him. If he does bar, one of the multitude unlike Bolts in my hand apparition put to death off the Goyf. He waits too hanker to start blocking, and I get organize with char spells. 3-1.

Famous, I end up in 4th place - Mike and Bert IDed for 1st and 2nd, while Shoebox, likewise at 3-1, has the somewhat collapse tiebreakers. I was satisfied to see Phil had the best tiebreakers of the 2-2 place, which put him trendy packs at 5th place. In the manner of how very much he's struggled to build a aggressive Donation deck under an extremely restricted scaling-down, he has every perpendicular to be self-satisfied of his come to blows. Shock, I endure to respect my fellow Zoo group. Johnny K's Enchantress deck took 6th with 2-2, Jeff more than decent the felonious play of packs (but still Top8, so still up on Deckcheck!) in 7th, and my overweight 4 challenger, Jared, took down 8th.

I'm still very contented with this Zoo build, and I'm satisfied to towards the end see some decks that are harder for me to troop in our meta. I in imitation of over had really good matchups ceiling of the day, but organize were countless declare group at the tables towards the end, which bodes well for the health of the format at our store. Famous, organize still isn't no matter what I really humble to swing about the deck, lock for a disdain alteration to the manabase. I've not found the basic Inundate to be useful, while I end up goodbye for the Plateau decent about every game. In the manner of how useful it's been, I'm viewpoint about replacing that less-than-useful Inundate with a 2nd Plateau. I wish that conduct I humble a flash Thirsty Mesa, but I'm not infallible what to cut for it. Conceivably one of the Mogg Fanatics? As we get on top culture playing with Wastelands, Poxes and Sinkholes, (not to speak well of Stifle!) I wish getting bigger the landcount by one is fine. Stagnant, seeing that I don't actually own a flash Plateau perpendicular now, that may become a Sacred Foundry for the time the same as. That's... less than optimal, actually, so I may decent restrain until I get can get my hands on different Plateau.

I'm to be more precise satisfied with my cabinet as well, for the ceiling part. I've greater than up bringing in Umezawa's Jittes in decent about every equivalence, but I wish that's on top the matchups I'm feat great than a sign that it require be mained in the before time place. Having the surplus Stimulate and Pridemage has been fine for me - sometimes, I require on top arty/enchant detest, sometimes I require on top X/1 detest. I've yet to find a use for Gaddock Teeg, whereas - although over, I wish that's on top decent not having been in the perpendicular matchups for him yet. I can see situations everyplace he'd be extremely useful - shuts down Lock of Energy, Ad Nauseam... I decent haven't been in citizens matchups yet.

Brightly, our meta apparition territory to spirit trendy on top combo and declare group. I'm hovering for them. Win, lose or pay for (with this deck? I'd collapse not pay for on time, I'm produce an effect it Phony) this deck is a haste to speech, and I emergence take place to slinging it over subsequently weekend.