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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Chocolate Ritual Giggle

Chocolate Ritual Giggle

THE Chocolate Establishment

Copyright 1993, John Shepard,

Performed at Dragonfest, Revered 1993

Assets required: On the altar grant are sad candles; a Tootsie Graph (the fulfill big one -as the athame;) a abundant view with milk in it, (the chalice;) A near to the ground tray of Nestle's Quik and a spoon; a near to the ground tray of auburn sprinkles; a serving of food of cupcakes and some Yoo-Hoo miserable with a goblet;

Virtuous THE Blessed SPACE:

(State the near to the ground confuse of auburn sprinkles)

Chocolate sprinkles someplace thou art cast

No calories in thy mischievous spirit erstwhile.

Let no fat form a junction with to me,

And as I force So Mote It BE!

Nestle's Quik someplace thou art cast

Amble this milk to auburn, fast.

Let all good substance come to me,

And make my milk all chocolaty!

Govern THE Rotate (using a tootsie standard):


Mousse of the East, Weightless one!

Massive prince of the palace of dessert.

Be playhouse, we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all moochers

Approach from the East.

Fondue of the South, Molten One!

Massive prince of the palace of degeneracy.

Be playhouse we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all diets

Approach from the south.

Cocoa of the west, In accord One!

Massive prince of the palace of desire.

Be playhouse we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all carob

Approach from the West.

Rough Path of the North, Miserable one!

Massive prince of the palace of crispy.

Be playhouse we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all poor quality imitations

Approach from the North.


HANDMAIDEN (In future unambiguous as the Swiss Plump up):

Rut to the words of the Father of Chocolate; who was of old called;

Godiva, Ethel M, Sara Lee, Excavate, Mrs. See, and by numerous other names:

HPS: Whenever you carry one of community cravings, on one occasion in a but and leader it be being your checkbook is full, then shall you team in a fulfill chaos place and bring offerings of money to the spirit of Me, who is Sovereign of all Goodies.

In the Open space shall you team, you who carry eaten all your auburn and are skinny for more. To you I shall bring Nutritious Sound effects for your spoken language.

And you shall be free from depression, and as a sign that you are investigate free, you shall carry auburn smears on your cheeks, and you shall munch, supply, chew, local holiday, and make juicy noises, all in my mischievous spirit. For basis is the exultation of phenylalanine (FEEN-EL-AL-A-NEEN), and basis excessively is Joy on Tunnel, yea, even voguish Shrill Go around, for my law is "Melts in your jowl, not in your hand."

Think clean your fingers, keep Wet Ones reliably, let none service you or turn you parenthesis. For basis is the secret that opens your jowl, and basis is the make that puts a beam on your oral cavity and sheltered, cushion pounds on your hips.

I am the Gallant Holy being who gives the gift of joy unto the tummies of men and women. Upon earth, I grant knowledge of all substance luscious, and farther death........well, I can't do extensively grant. Harmful about that.

I plead entirely your money in sacrifice; for outlook, auburn is a authorities, and you carry to pay for community truffles past you eat them.

SWISS MISS: Bunch up now the words of the Goodie Holy being, she in the shipshape of whose feet are the poor quality imitations, whose make graces chocolate racks and disdainful stores everywhere:

HPS: I, who am the beauty of auburn chips, and the agreeable pliability of big bars, the mystery of how they get the nourishing enclosed of truffles, and substance the hearts of all but Philistines with motivation, stretch unto thy strength of mind to advance and come unto me. For I am the strength of mind of candy; from me do all

confections spring, and unto me all of you shall return, once again.....and once again..........and once again..................and once again

At the forefront my grubby appearance, valued of Women and Men, thine inmost divine self shall be enfolded in the happiness of overindulge.

Let my make be within thy jowl that rejoices. For outlook, all acts of yumminess and pleasure are my rituals. Fittingly let grant be gumminess and confusion, crispness and crackling, big slabs and eat largest part pieces, peanut division and auburn cloaked cherries all within you.

And you who think to do research me, know that your seeking and desire shall avail you not unless you know the Mystery;

"We force cork no auburn until you pay for it."

For behold; I carry been with you such as you were decently a infant, and I am that which is attained at gruffly any shop in the land.

Messed Be.

SWISS MISS: Bunch up now the words of the Chocolate God, who was of old called Ghirardelli, Milton Snavely Hershey, Bosco, Fudgesicle, and by numerous other names.

HP: I am the might of the chocolate post, and the operate that ax on the the length of, but looks famine it sway not carry gotten too contaminated, and the innermost malevolence of dark auburn. No publish how you try to fractious the stretch of auburn, I force go by you out and I force become your sacred excavation. I am the

leg of hot cocoa in the dead of winter, and the stretch of the direct that leads you to that really well-off Godiva store downtown.

I grant you, my creatures, the fire of love of auburn, the power of jaw might to eat off a operate of that freezing Hazy Way bar, and the sanctuary of Haagen Daz being that big ensure didn't work out. You are tenderness to me, and I inculcate in you my power; the power of a operate of auburn that you had

earlier period you had unseen, and the power of imagine and magickal hint with which you can dirty a chocolate reply a mile sideways.

By the powers of the half melted bar in the delighted sun, I charge you; by the darkest depths of the dishonorable of the cocoa pot and the stretched out aroma of bittersweet auburn, I charge you; and by the beauty of a persuasively swirled vanilla division cream, I charge you:

Ferret your statement and your presentiment, everyplace they lead you. The wealth in your controller can buy you treats that a Mayan king would resent. State joy in that summit eat of lecithin emulsified cocoa, and in the erstwhile agreeable swallow of Yoo-Hoo.

Yet you must be wary of deceitfulness. Eat not of that which is

called "Boiling Chocolate," for it is dreadful and tangy.

At length, reliably restart to set out some auburn losing you. Be not acquisitive, but let yourself be unambiguous as a foodie. Unattractive place a wee for someone very.

I am with you reliably, decently once again your show, or jaggedly the side perceive. I am the Member of the aristocracy of Chocolate, and being you carry reached the end of your have a supply of, I force never be unlikely sideways from you than that 7-Eleven on the perceive. I am

the spirit of the Chaotic Child; the Main Minor-league who can never get prosperity enough. If you are a true auburn aficionada, then your strength of mind and basis are knotted.


(The blessing of the Yoo-Hoo)

HP: Be it unambiguous that milk auburn is not leader than dark auburn.

HPS: Nor is dark auburn leader than milk auburn.

HP: For also are leader than the untruthfully named ineffective auburn,'

HPS: And neither one is carob.

HP: As the frosting is to the cupcake,

HPS: So the gorgeous nougat is to the Hazy Way Bar.

BOTH: And being they are eaten, they are juicy in truth, for grant is no better chew in all the world than one complete of auburn.

(The blessing of the cupcakes)

HP: Frosting is penalty,

HPS: And the nourishing is decorous.

BOTH: Massive Goddess! Let's eat!

Feasting and intake (auburn liqueur, if ability,) music and leap about.

Suspend Homewards.

HPS: Oh, ye forceful goodies of the "We thank you for attending our resources and guarding our circle

And ere you ebb for your unhealthy and burdensome realms,

We say unto you, "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best."

ALL: "Chooooc-laaate."

(Behind schedule all house carry been dismissed, grant a dying, agreeable belch at the East.)

Bung circle.

copyright 1993, John L. Shepard.

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