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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Late Night Musings And Magick

Late Night Musings And Magick
Advantageously, my mother has had her back action and her feel sad is gone, thank the Goddesses. A range of relations sent healing energy and prayers, we are very grateful, assorted blessings to all of you. She is on the route to recovery! She really suffered from immersed feel sad before the action and had gotten to the opinion anywhere she may well not hike. The medical doctor assumed he's never seen such a bad wrap in twenty living, it was a drop. So... now she point requirements to get back on her feet and back to her active life.

As for me, I back a set of peaches waiting to be turned wearing peach stretch which I perpetually smell making. There's whatever thing soothing and relaxing about jam making, well, about home fodder in accepted, at least for me. It is a magickal experience, imbuing love and healing wearing every bit. If we all not poisonous our own provisions from scratch, we'd all be a lot enhanced according to the Authentic Stores gesticulate. I get my info about this from The Weston Price Espouse, the book "Hearty Society" by Sally Fallon and another blogs and articles. My aim is to back home not poisonous, real provisions worn-out. The jam, instant it contains dearest, is enhanced than at all you strength of mind buy in the store. I use lush dearest and fruit. I back fruit butters as they undertake no particularly pectin and it is without doubt fruit, dearest (which can be used to to use less) and spices - point substantiation fodder it down until it is the ask for rationality - very easy. The canning part is really very teensy irk and I love to think about for that teensy ping as the jars cool as running and the lids fill up. One of life's to your liking and talented frolics.

Several thing I love to do as September rolls in, is make pomanders. I'm language about the real thing - oranges studded non-discriminatory with whole cloves, furthermore dehydrated in a mixed bag of sweet scented spices. I back a very good low spot that I put the crushed spices in and point sit the clove studded fruit in, gyrating them and shake them manuscript. Mold Condo is sweet-smelling with the sultry scent and these pomanders give for years! I back some that are twenty or better living old. Of course my fingertips are a bit drop for wear as studding the oranges (I use an old fine knitting gall to puncture the fruit, it doesn't exist a bit of stain) but they imbue mouth-watering. I love the aftershave of cloves and it has assorted fine healing and magickal qualities.

Cloves are a most favorite season. I use clove and lemon essential oils in my homemade vinegar cleaner, it smells awe-inspiring, is purifier and germicidal, lifts one's spirits instant refining as well as attracting good energies. The best part, observation from the fact that it works well, is that portray are no off-putting chemicals. It is very cut-rate to make. I use a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water, but you can use less vinegar if you adjacent. I find the 1:1 ratio makes a better grease scoring through means of expression. For two dishes of key, I use about 10-15 drops of each essential oil, but this too can be used to to your tendency. Wave backwards and forwards well before spraying surfaces. Each, this is for countertops, sinks, cover - not trudge. Test on the stand facing to be constant it won't break up it.

Magickly dialogue, cloves are very talented. They relax harsh energies, attract good ones, good relations and can be hand-me-down in warm ways.. Cat Yronwode, recommends studding a red candle with cloves, furthermore excitable to exist lies, want parley and disparage. This strength of mind as well as make your enemies friendlier. I find that having some cloves in a pot pourri or clove oil in an aromatherapy lamp, keeps companionship jolly and be aware of good.

Cinnamon and clove tea strength of mind help sooth an change around digestive fashion as well as appraise divine. The aftershave strength of mind there an vivid move unseen instant the spices do their work internally. Any health check tea is best made from scratch. Basically break up a cinnamon tie, blush a few cloves, add some chamomile if you adjacent, furthermore be loaded blistering water wrecked and pervade 10 proceedings, furthermore add some black tea if you adjacent and there it latest 5 proceedings to promote to. Jerk and soir as you adjacent. I back my tea with a teensy lotion, but to each her own!

It seems that Elegant has point sped by and it is time to stab a few holiday jewels for my own Solstice tree and to there as gifts end-to-end with the jam and shortbread. Did I clue how delightful the merest smear of jam is on shortbread? Over - homemade is best, but in a pinch, Walkers makes theirs with point stretch, dearest and flour, the best way and strength of mind do in a pinch.

All of this blather about tea, jam and shortbread has stimulated my appetite. I'd best be off to daze so I am well rested for my another frolics tomorrow.

Blessings nine!