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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Venus Morningstar Harbinger Of Illness

Venus Morningstar Harbinger Of Illness
As I mentioned in my most recent post, the A-H1N1 Instinctive Flu pandemic has been the glowing of profound breakdown and observe for the clear of five months. I settled to diverge the charts of the stay recipe pandemic, The Spanish Flu of 1918, to see if give were any corresponding astrological configurations that vigor reveal if this one force be as unbalanced.

In the same way as I foremost compared the charts of the inception of the 1918 Spanish Flu Rise in (3/3/1918, Fort Riley KS) with that of the 2009 Instinctive Flu Rise in (Display 28, 2009, Mexico Township), I started by looking at the positions of Rahu and Ketu as they are widely the prime grade of epidemics. I had to support the away from planets in this hunt to make the greatest basic associates.

In the 1918, Ketu was placed in Gemini, which programming the lungs, within 5 degrees of Pluto, the Western astrological design for death and cloud dirty. In 2009 Rahu was transiting the sign of Capricorn with a laid up Jupiter, administrator of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Extra than Pluto having the status of in the opposite sign of the most recent pandemic, I indigence allowance, I was figure of shock that give weren't elder indicators of cloud dirty and whole death in the 1918 personage, or associates to the 2009 personage that vigor prefigure a corresponding pattern.

That was until I looked supervisor by a whisker at the 2009 personage that featured a laid up Mercury with a retrograding Venus in Pisces, moreover laid up. Ill-advisedly it became hot. Both outbreaks began such as Venus was retrograde in the Morningstar end.

The mud Venus has been referred to as the Morningstar or Evenstar for thousands of being. When it is closer to the sun than the earth is, it can never thoroughgoing very far from the sun in the sky. In other words, such as the sun sets in the evening it vigor be in the west, something like the sun as an evening star; or it could be in the first light sky in crack of dawn, anew, something like the sun. A Venus pour out describes her retrograde patterns that bring the mud taking part in what's called ardor with the Sun. Out of this time Venus disappears from view on the earth for virtually 40 days. Abundant ancient skywatching cultures interpreted its casual as a shamanic advance to the underworld.

The 1918 craze with authorization began the day behind schedule she went sluggish cast, ie as she re-emerged from the advance to the underworld. The 2009 craze with authorization started in Display, but prepared headlines as Cranium Obama was in Mexico over the summit of the alarm, the day in Venus went sluggish cast. The identity is vibrant.

In Vedic astrology Venus is restrained a benefic and represents capable talents, the bank of the skeleton and physical life, wealth, the opposite sex, amusement and publish, female guise and music and channel. So how could this pleasant-sounding impose be a precursor of illness?

In Hindu mythology Venus is called Shukra, the son of the enormous seer Bhrigu who was an mystic that educated Venus all of the spiritual sciences and scriptures. According to Vedic tradition Venus is the preceptor, or teacher, of the asuras, demons or lost souls. The word asura is derived from the support Asu, meaning 'to lungful or 'to be'. According to the Bhagavad Gita (16.6), all beings in the Conception partake either of the divine guise (Daivi Sampad = suras) or the demonic guise (Asuri Sampad = asuras).

Hindu mythology is full with stories of how the Suras and the Asuras were hard in a venerable scrimmage of light vs dark, counterpart the fight of the monster Titans and lesser gods. Asuras are consistently described as snakes, counterpart the north node Rahu who was not speaking from his skeleton Ketu by Vishnu.

It is the dreadfully design that is found in upfront Christian tradition regarding the scrimmage fought in Fantasy along with the spirits of Glow and the spirits of Blurriness. According to Rudolph Steiner, the Asuras were retarded Beings of the Hierarchy of the Archai. They are Beings who relatively of furthering man's recovery to freedom, snare him taking part in rude self-centeredness.

But what if the Asuras abate not unattached to snakes and unself-conscious demons, but to insensible cells or lifeforms, counterpart a respiratory tract infection. A respiratory tract infection infects a defense force hovel extreme counterpart a demon possesses a defense force skeleton. The word stems from the Latin respiratory tract infection referring to pollutant and other nasty substances, the nectar of the asuras.

Coincidentally I had been researching Venus cycles in next of kin to the Mayan calendar such as I look sideways supervisor by a whisker at the eight meeting pour out related with her dancing circle and retrograde patterns as viewed from the Sett. Venus appears to circle the earth in the tap of a star or pentagram.

Ended 8 being Venus dances about the sun making 5 retrogrades. She begins her retrograde signal as the evening star, eventually becoming extinct sustaining the sun in a shamanic advance that tranforms her taking part in to the first light star. This marvel was observed by ancient sky-watchers and mystics, and became the double bed of tons myths concerning death and resurgence. Christians, Mayans, and Hindus all categorize the return of the first light star as striking of the return of their teachers.

Greek astrologers called the first light phase of Venus Lucifer (the light bearer) and the evening phase Hesperus (tad in the West).

The Babylonians called Venus the double-phased Ishtar -- the first light star of war and the evening star of love. According to mythological lore, as the evening star of love, Ishtar arrangements down to the underworld to bring back her enthusiast Tammuz. As a unutterable pain, she is returned to the land of the living like the other gods cannot consider even their utopian aura exclusive of a goddess of love. Ishtar take-home pay to leadership as the Ruler of Fantasy, nonetheless exclusive of her enthusiast, Tammuz.

The Sumerian goddess Inanna, is an even beyond Venus design. Inanna had to advance to the underworld wherever she was locked up and rendered naked and unthinking. Merely by her cunning and stuffiness does she smack write down. Sumerian priests peaceable hymns in suggest of the mud which they well-regarded as Inanna: To her who appears in the sky, to her who appears in the sky, I appeal to address my pleasing, to the hierodule who appears in the sky, I appeal to address my pleasing, to the enormous queen of heaven, Inanna, I appeal to address my pleasing, to her who fills the sky with her blunt vigor, to the shining one, to Inanna, as luminous as the sun, to the enormous queen of heaven.

They moreover described her chilling power: To irritate shivers of terror, clock radio, quake, and terror in the gang of your daunting pomp, that is your foundation, oh Inanna.

The Mesoamericans connected the first light phase of Venus with Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, believing that this was a time such as leaders are struck down and natural disasters go.

Venus as disaster-bringer was chronicled by Bernardino de Sahagun, a Franciscan friar:

And such as it [Venus] of late emerged, extreme problem came by way of them; all were alarmed. Where the outlets and opening of [houses] were congested up. It was held that perchance the [light] vigor bring a foundation of loatheness, something evil such as it came to publish.

A number of researchers advise that Venus' group with appalling portents and tales of apocalyptic chaos was due to an ancient climax article in which the mud Venus actually caused a cataclysm that was engraved on the group of ancient man. In her book The Abundant Faces of Venus The Foxhole Venus in Outmoded Story and Holiness, Ev Cochrane writes that she believes that give is rumination that Venus unattached currently stimulated on a extreme oscillate circle, cavorting with Mars and raining fire from heaven. She asks as weighty give out. Is it is non-compulsory that modern astronomers, in neglecting the ancient tradition curved the respective planets, surround unobserved a significant mention to the deceased history of the astrophysical system?

Venus force be placed the morningstar until January 13, 2010 such as she becomes combust with the sun and transforms taking part in the evening star, goddess of love. By chance in this end, she force at stay return to her pleasurable pursuits and inculcate supervisor joy and ease -- the very last viral protection -- in the hearts of men.