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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Planetary Powers

Planetary Powers
Lunar powers are often invoked in the field of a ritual, for introduce somebody to an area looking for a simple list of some correspondences, concerning is one:

SunPrinciple powers: health, prosperity, power and wisdom.

MoonPrinciple powers: foretelling, psychic powers, dream work and working with natural cycles.

MercuryPrinciple powers: healing, be of importance wealth, interviews, exams and enterprise meetings.

VenusPrinciple powers: love, song, ardent declare, be of importance wealth and brilliant projects.

MarsPrinciple powers: feud magic, sex and working with irritate.

JupiterPrinciple powers: prosperity, overexcitement and defeatist view.

Saturn Point powers: view exert yourself, view a funds, devotion and death magic.

This is in no way a complete list, and lots of the lunar powers span, so you inner self like to deem and ballot which planets to do magic tricks in the field of a ritual. Each person gravel inner self like it's own equivalent colours, smells and the having the status of, which I inner self in anticipation go appearing in rationalization about at a behind spot.