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Wednesday, 8 June 2005

True Friends And Non Wiccans

True Friends And Non Wiccans Cover There has recently flared up yet another flurry of criticism about the Church and School of Wicca's The Witch's Bible, a book past its thirtieth year of publication. When it was first published, as soon as we recognized that some readers had a problem with a passage or two in the Bible, we caused the publisher to insert explanatory notes. Despite these hard facts, still some people with their minds in the midden are unable (perhaps unwilling) to comprehend the roots of puberty rites. I can close my eyes to picture those individuals fondling dog-eared pages as they give full rein to their nasty imaginings.

All the negative comments in the hundreds of chatrooms have little or no effect on us and our work. Why? People who know us and people acquainted with the facts of Anthropology understand that we are scholastically correct in our discussion of puberty rites. People without that Understanding can froth and fulminate at us on the 'net and it will make scant difference. We very rarely read e-mails.

If you want to change us, want to set us straight, come to one of the gatherings that we attend and speak to us face to face before an audience. Point out to us and show us convincing scholarly evidence with legitimate Documentation, where we are wrong and how we can improve our thinking. We will be glad to discuss all these topics with you. If we need to improve our thinking, it's high time you helped us do so. As a Witch (not a psychic), I cannot guess nor divine the improvements you would fain make. You need to tell me to my face, in audible English, just where and how I need to change. If you cannot or will not attend such a gathering, even to improve our thinking, you might conceivably write a letter on paper itemeing our errors and naming sources we can consult. Then mailing this letter to the Church in Hinton with a donation will generate a response from one of us. That would really be an enlightened act.

A modest stipulation: After 70 years on this earth we reserve the right to decline debate with obvious psycopaths or two-digit IQ's.

Many of the resentful comments come from two sorts of people:

1. Those who need a chance to enhance their own egos and
2. Those who have a financial stake in dragging down old leaders to perpetuate new and, often, unfounded, ideas.

There is a basic saying to which I fervently hope we all subscribe:

An it harm none, do what you will.

Thus to us it is a matter of simple black and white. People who use innuendo and outright slander to denigrate the Church and the work of the Frosts or the work of other Wiccan individuals are ipso facto not Wiccans, for their intent is the causing of harm.

So you Wiccans and friends out there, don't let the negation harm you. We Frosts can stand the pinpricks annoying though they be--because in the end, just as the Christians learned, when you attack us, you in fact enhance our standing on the world scene. If you live in such a way as to harm none, that will constitute adult, rational behavior. Anything else is irrational, immature, and self-defeating. Are you so eager to bring joy to the bigots of the world?

As usual, we invite your comments. We are not trying to offend anyone or scorn his or her tradition, so please be constructive. Our hope is that we all may arrive at a shared understanding of what we are doing. If you know a better way and the reasons behind it, please share that better way with the community at large.

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