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Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Histoire De La Magie In French

Histoire De La Magie In French Cover

Book: Histoire De La Magie In French by Eliphas Levi

L'Histoire de la Magie est l'aeuvre essentielle d'Eliphas Levi. Cet ouvrage publie en 1860 fait partie des tresors de la litterature esoterique. Il ete constamment reedite depuis sa parution. Il est divise en sept livres contenant chacun seps chapitres. Dans cet ouvrage incontournable, l'auteur nous donne les clefs de l'histoire et de la pratique de la magie depuis l'Antiquite jusqu'a nos jours. Une documentation exceptionnelle!

This is the single greatest book on the history of the spiritual Art and Science of Magick. My only two complaints about the book are that it's written in a rather biased view, from a purely Christian perspective (not that any other religion's perspective would be any better!) and the translator/editor, Arthur Edward Waite, once again sees fit to make some useless and innacurate remarks here and there. But still read his footnotes! He makes some legitimate points in this book! (reader's review)

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