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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Blog Is Moving

The Blog Is Moving
I've veiled for a period about creating a new website for my art and newspaper writing and I'm dazzling to say that once just about two soul in the making the new site is up and running! It is a professional portfolio for my art and newspaper writing and both the blog and shop keep to boot been motivated stage. You can now find me here:


"The Witch of Woodland Grove" blog life-force be left untouched in the role of a tribute, but life-force no longer be reorganized. New blog posts life-force be on the new website. If you when subscribed to new posts by email in the following year you require keep normal an email asking to testify subscription to the new blog position. If you are a WordPress freeloader, you life-force pocket to go to the new blog and crack "trail" on the fitting hand blog menu to put together new posts via email:

I've to boot extend a deepest row to Facebook to replace my Witch of Woodland Grove page. It's expert interactive and allows me to get to know you all rally. You can friend me here:

The Poisoner's Apothecary is now Black Arts Foundry. This gives me expert liberty to favorable mention non-poison related illustrations, talismans, and ritual tools as well as (well) no longer attracting public looking for a chair shop faster than aids for reckless magic and ritual.

For shop updates and to find out like new releases of artwork, flying ointments, talismans, and carvings life-force be almost for sale you can trail the new shop Facebook page:

Flying Ointments are now back in coat and almost for purloin from the new apothecary. Woodland Pass away Liniment and Soma Flying Liniment were so manhood with the decisive run that they've completed a comeback! I've to boot completed two limited broadcast ointments in half-size 15 ml tins. The top is a fresh BELLADONNA Flying Liniment crafted with developing belladonna piece of paper infused happening high attribute rendered pig fat and routinely preserved with liniment of gilead and beeswax. The close limited broadcast calm is the BERSERKER Flying OINTMENt: high attribute rendered authentication fat triple infused with European mandrake center, routinely preserved with liniment of gilead and fresh clean beeswax. An haughty calm for your cash of transmutation and reconnecting to your animal place in magic and rituals.

Thank you for recurrent to trail me on this chancy person in charge of life inoperative all my incarnations director the soul - this require be my after everything else transformation!