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Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Compendium Of Herbal Magick By Paul Beyerl

A Compendium Of Herbal Magick By Paul Beyerl

A Compendium of Herbal Magick

By Paul Beyerl

ISBN 0-919345-45-X

Published 1998 by Phoenix Publishing

Synopsis: 330 herbs immersed in peripheral nature with for a second time 100 illustrations. Sections embrace magickal classification of herbs, guide to the grow of magickal herbs, deities and magickal herbalism, and herbal correspondences with astrological family members for all herbs by dirt and sign.

I one by one love this book. It is easy to get to and very educational. The information included comes from 20 excitement deem as a Master Herbalist.

In the worn out of sort out herbs here are two parts to the information. The most primitive one is the lore of the herb. This includes what went before uses of and beliefs about the herb. The afterward is modern magickal grow of the herb. This fringe makes up maximum of the book.

Donate is correspondingly a fringe which lists manual names of undergrowth as they install to the names second hand in the book.

Thoroughly I find this book very helpful. It is a accomplished buddy to a book that has the therapeutic properties of herbs.

Paul Beyerl is the founder and correspondingly a priest in the Lothlorien level of Wicca. In obtain, he is a Master Herbalist, a Master Fortune-teller, and an trainer in the fields of tarot, gem, and mineral lore.