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Monday, 12 May 2008

Satanic Christians

Satanic Christians
I discussed this general picture with my nagasiva, friend and co-owner of the Buzz. He asked me whats the adjust relating a satanic christian, and a christian satanist? I never got to declare him but I knew the suggestion was hooligan. So in the vicinity of is my notion on the matter:

Because makes a Satanic Christian honest, is one who uses traditional christian ideals even if inverting their principles and meanings. Their Satan is easygoing body on the deterrent to the christian god.

Because makes a christian satanist, dispel can be different. they can regard the gnostic view that satan to be had his help to people and that the christian god is the unfriendliness of planet or they can tell their own myths about satan even if using profuse aspects of christianity to pass on with satan. The definitions really do depend on the echelon of inversion and classification from the latest christian beliefs. I discussed some of these bits and pieces in my other post, "Satan: To Reverence or not to Reverence"

Perhaps its entitlement semantics.. but organize are some satanists who exercise what can be described as yardstick satanic' or even basic satanic beliefs. They wear on its head crosses. They use bad language or use on its head prayers. They greeting Satan as "pioneer" next Christians decrease to their god as Dawn god. Numerous associate Lucifer with Satan which is a christian belief. Their beggar worship of Satan is a become of servitude, greatly as it would be relating a christian and their god. They exercise a christian notion of Satan, the Fiend.

Numerous may try to be at war with that organize is no Satan impartial of christianity. but as we know, this is not no question true. The notion of Satan emerged in Judaism as ha-satan who acted as a peacekeeper to Job. the Christians took this story and mechanized their own bits and pieces and meanings to what Satan represented to them.

And so it is with satanists..Satanists exercise a greatly different give rise to of Satan than the chrisitans glance to. Perahps our dark background on Satan is leader enligtened than theirs..