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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wicca An Introduction

Wicca An Introduction Cover Merry Meet to everyone!

As a practising wiccan I often find that many people have preconceived misconceptions of wiccans or Witches and their Arts. This introduction – hopefully to become a series – aims to dispel some of those myths.

I have been a practising Wiccan for over ten years – though the interest had been going much longer than that. I generally prefer to keep my Wiccan ’status’ quiet, as I find many people laugh and scoff at it and some can be even quite rude! In todays modern times religion is a very diverse thing, most people prefer to stick to their own and don’t wish to encourage others. Although I’m sure that most Wiccans would agree that it isn’t exactly a religion, more a Lifepath; a choice that we make to continue on during our life’s journey.

Firstly, many ask if wicca and witchcraft are the same thing. The answer is both yes and no – it depends on who you ask! Some say that their art is a religion, others say it is not. It is all personal preference, and in most aspects of Wicca personal preference is the most important. I personally think Wicca and witchcraft are pretty much the same thing – they do have slight differences – so will refer to it collectively as Wicca for the remainder of this article. I also believe that it is not a religion – religion is in general a set of rules a person lives his or her life by. Of course, before anyone yells at me, that is not all that religion is, there is much more to it than that – I am merely stating this for comparison. Wicca, although it has its rules, does not give set precedences for living your life by – there is no rule which states you must do this on this day, or you must do something a certain way – again its all personal preference.
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One question I am often asked – Are Wiccans evil, or devil worshippers? NO NO NO NO NO!!! The vast vast majority of Wiccans are White or Good witches, there is such thing as black magic or Dark magic but it is not as widely used – and never in my knowledge to worship the devil (someones been watching FAR too many horror movies!!)

One of the main principles in Wicca is the Rule of Three – also called The Threefold Law or Law of Return. This states that what a person does will return to them three times. The way I was taught it was “Do as thou wilt, but harm ye none; for it wilst return to thee times three”. So imagine an evil witch casting an evil spell and consider the consequences – dark magic is just not worth it!!

There is also the belief that Wiccans can just magic things up – that spells can be cast for just about anything. This in part is true, a Wiccan can write a spell for any means they desire – within reason obviously. There has been tv shows or films which show witches who can click or point their fingers and things appear or disappear – no this cannot happen either!! (Shame I know!)

Spells are written to give energy to the desire. I know one of the top searches on the Internet is ‘Love Spells’ – though some believe that their is no such thing as a love spell. This is because another of the Wiccans beliefs is that we cannot overrule a person’s free will.

People say that Wicca is becoming a more popular belief than ever before. I don’t believe that is strictly true – my own view on this idea is that more Wiccans are being open about their beliefs; in this day and age many people are more open minded than they used to be and can accept us Wiccans for what we are.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading my article; I intend to follow up to this with a history of Wicca, and also an insiders look into a Wiccan life. I will give information on beliefs, tools, crafts and various other things for a newly founded Wiccan who wishes to learn; an older, wiser Wiccan who would like to learn something new; or even for the interested individual who would like to learn more about Wicca.

Blessed Be to all

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