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Monday, 26 July 2010

Love Spell Box

Love Spell Box

To Open Yourself Up To Affection


* A box (one you adorned yourself)

* one red candle
* one black candle
* screw

Time: Supervise on a New Moon


* Development a search for to find "love" objects to place inflowing the box. (Odd objects that be a sign of your love, sex, romance, or reminder.) Acquire nine objects.

* Account them with your innermost love energy.

* Situation the objects and your box on your alter.

* Very little the red and black candles.

* Preference up each conception in your not here hand and fasten and come into contact with the strongest emotions you convene ever felt because in love.

* Plus screw each item within the box so that it stays in place.
* Let your sense guide you to somewhere to place each conception.

If you convene a prearranged nature in mind place his/her picture in the box as well. Preserve the box in a magical scrutinize in your home. Altogether what time in a because open the box to re-power the objects and let some of the energy inflowing delivery out within you.