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Friday, 30 July 2010

The Witch

The Witch Image

Book: The Witch by Alfred Elton Van Vogt

This is one of a handful of fantasy stories by van Vogt; by his own admission, he found fantasy particularly difficult to write, and always found the genre "weird." Indeed, he even attributes the demise of Unknown Worlds to his inability to write enough fantasy tales to satisfy John W. Campbell Jr.!

This story — incidentally, inspired by a suggestion of Campbell's — was loosely adapted by Alvin Sapinsley as the episode of Night Gallery entitled "Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay," aired on September 19th, 1971.

Alfred Elton van Vogt (April 26, 1912 – January 26, 2000) was a Canadian-born science fiction author regarded by some as one of the most popular and complex science fiction writers of the mid-twentieth century: the "Golden Age" of the genre.

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