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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Concepts Of Wicca

Concepts Of Wicca Cover There are a lot of concepts and ideas of wicca and the Old Religion. The following are explorations into those issues.

God and Goddess: Some have asked which entity, or deity, we worship. We're accused by many of worshipping Satan. However, we all know this isn't true, because we do not recognize Christian doctrine in its whole, while many don't believe any of their doctrine. When you ask a wiccan who they worship, the answer can, and will, vary. Some only worship the Goddess, while others only worship the God. There are many however that worship both the God and the Goddess, recognizing the Duality Aspect. When asked which Goddess or God, the answer too can vary. There are many names and faces worn by the Goddess and the God. Many believe that the Divine Being, Mother Creator, "God", whichever name you use, goes by many names, and has many faces. The belief that all the Gods and Goddess' of the world are all but the same one "Supreme Being" is a common belief, shared by many. The different names are chosen to suit the need of the one calling them, as all items in magick are used. This purpose is for a focal point, to help concentration. One last group of people are those who maintain that the Divine is a field of energy that surrounds us, and penetrates us. Christian doctrine shows this philosophy which teaches that God is everywhere. This is one example of shared doctrine.

Magick: To understand how magick can even be considered to be real, one must understand physics. All objects are comprised of atoms, be it living, or inanimate objects. Atoms are comprised of a nucleus, and electrons which orbit the nucleus. How is it then, that some objects are hard, and others are soft? It all has to do with how the atoms bond together, as well as the specific atoms in question. Bonding occurs when electrons from one atom, are shared and exchanged with electrons from another atom. Since atoms are basically free floating, and electrons are shared with other atoms, everything in the known universe are linked together by a common theory - Electron bonding. Humans share their atoms with every object or life form that they come in, or close to, contact with. The exchange of electrons is a form of energy. Since magick is the act of manipulating and working with the energies in nature, all one has to do is tune themselves into this concept just presented. Using ones mind to control matter is magick. Hence, we get the term "It's all mind over matter." Items used within magick are tools used as a means of making focusing much easier. The flame of the candle is used to help fix a gaze, so one can have a clear mind.

The Pentagram: The Pentagram is perhaps the centerpiece of our religion. It's to our religion as the crucifix is to the Catholics. Contrary to modern day Judeo-Christian teachings, it is NOT a symbol of Satan. It's a symbol of all living things in nature, and how everything ties together (see Magick above). Each point leads to the next, which ends at the point where it began. There are five points to the pentagram, each representing an element in nature. Yes, there are at least five elements in nature. These are: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Soul. The circle found to encompass the pentagram represents the cycle of life. It has no beginning and no end. It symbolizes reincarnation, where death comes rebirth of the soul.

Good and Evil: This topic alone brings division in the ranks of many who claim to follow an Earth Based Religion. All it takes is an open mind, and understanding to comprehend the fact I'm about to present - Contrary to what Judeo-Christian teachings, as well as many "Witches", there exists in nature, no such thing as ABSOLUTE GOOD or ABSOLUTE EVIL. There does exist the concept of both. We must look at the definition of each word to understand this. Good is defined as "acceptable, or lacking Evil. The Opposite of Bad." And Evil is defined as "the Opposite of Good, Morally wrong or Bad." Therefore, neither can exist independent of the other. This means that each and every one of us are just as evil, as we are good. It's our morals, religions, beliefs, and upbringing that determine the dominant quality. To further provide examples to that just mentioned, yet another opposite exists in nature. The concept of Day and Night. What is Day but the opposite of Night. Light is the absence of Dark, and Dark the absence of Light. Hate is the absence of Love, and Love is the absence of Hate. This is a perfect example of Duality in nature. This is fact, and cannot be argued against if intelligence is used.

As I stated, this remains a hot topic, creating much division in the ranks of Earth Religions. I've gotten into an argument online with published author Ellen Cannon Reed on this topic, who commented on Adolph Hitler. She said that the man was EVIL. For my opinions, she took away my right to speak on her IRC channel, as well as the rights of those who took my side. This should show you that just because someone is a published author doesn't mean they know what they're talking about. Now for my reply to her statement. "Good and Evil co-exist within each other. Sure, in my opinion, Hitler was evil. But to those who belonged to the Nazi Party, he was a good man." Is this too difficult of a concept to see?

These are great examples of how to explain the concepts of good/evil. It should show you that there is NO such thing as white or black magick, because the magick we use remains the same, from one person to the next. It's how the PERSON uses it, as well as how the individual views it, which determines what it is.

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