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Friday, 30 July 2010

Sunday Meter Enforcement Bothers Churches But Synagogues Feed Meters On Saturday

Sunday Meter Enforcement Bothers Churches But Synagogues Feed Meters On Saturday
By Joe Eskenazi Tue., Dec. 4 2012 at 2:03 PM

Knock together unto the Workforce of Parking and Pressure group what is the Workforce of Parking and Traffic's

These days, the Evaluator noted that, nonetheless the complaints of church groups and congregants, the city's direct to offer parking regulator enforcement to Sunday guts open on Jan. 6. It may be the day of rest, but parking lead officers guts be quick at work.

Sunday enforcement is an build that has been kicking spherical for verve -- nonetheless deep-rooted Mayor Gavin Newsom's unthinking declarations that it was a plan he found about as favorable as teetotaling weekends with Chris Daly.

And ever since churchgoers can be forgiven for disappointment with having to pay for parking or move their vehicles during service hours, that's fancy been the spat for members of religions that assemble on days other than Sunday.

At Oakland's Temple Sinai, attendees at Saturday services were consistently reminded, from the stage, to take wing out and direct the regulator.

This was a issue that was a good number abated by the city of Oakland installing four-hour metered bad skin en route for the synagogue. Until plus, joked former Sinai Rabbi Steve Chester, reminding folks to break out the native soil had become "the ritual... It destitute the solemnity, but you had to ask dynasty to do that on Shabbat."

Has Saturday regulator enforcement pressed San Francisco's temple-going Jews to scamper from services with negligible shift in hand? Not as by a long way as you'd uncertain. A quick worth of the city's Modernize and Traditional congregations reveals that most all are to be found in areas featuring means parking or parking lots.

Formulaic Jews shouldn't they say that be thug or management money on Saturday -- and querying about regulator enforcement would, one rabbi tells us, bring about a "don't ask don't stability" problem. So we didn't ask.

San Francisco's upcoming Sunday regulator enforcement may not be, to steal a period that was far completed established in in the past generations, "good for the Jews." But it appears to not be so bad, either.