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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Druidism And Wicca

Druidism And Wicca Cover Although there has been a significant revival in interest in things Celtic among wiccans and Pagans, it’s important to remember that Druidism is not Wicca. Although some Wiccans are also Druids – because there are some overlapping similarities between the two belief systems and therefore the groups are not mutually exclusive – not all Druids are Wiccans.

In addition to the above mentioned groups, and other Druidic traditions, there are also solitary practitioners who self-identify as Druids. Seamus mac Owain, a Druid from Columbia, SC, says, "There's not a lot of written material about the Druids, so much of what we do is based upon Celtic myth and legend, as well as scholarly information that has been provided by anthropologists, historians, and so forth. We use this as a basis for rite, ritual, and practice."

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