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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day Nine

Day Nine
So Twofeathers and I prominent the full moon, the wolf moon. Stage is some info on the wolf moon and the wolf protection spell we did from Gypsy Magic.

Tonight is the night of the Have a meal Moon. This initially full moon of the new meeting is a time of quiet and deskbound by the home fire. As the raging winter howls, envisage the welcome of home and family.

Now is the time to go within and throw the changes you will make in the get. Presume now what you will creeper. Refocus a moon journal to diagram your lunar tides and notate down your get dreams.


Colors: Black and white, silver

Gemstones: Hematite

Trees: Birch, Hazel

Gods: Inanna, Freyja

Herbs: Thistle, crazy and seeds, marjoram

Element: Air

Full Moon names started with Instinctive Americans as tribes modest contour of the seasons by charitable distinct names to each continual full Moon. The names actually feasible to the entire month in which each occurred. Introduce was some modify in the names based on tribes. European settlers followed that tendency and created some of their own names.

Sometimes it is plus referred to as the Ad hoc Moon, Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule. Clear called it the Full Blizzard Moon, but Have a meal Moon seems most purchase, in state cultures, such as in the midst of the fresh and tough snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily coating their trifling villages, huts, and teepees. To the same extent the lunar month is particular 29 days crave on the be thinking about, the full Moon dates shift from meeting to meeting.

This is a good time to work on magic attendant to protection, also physical and spiritual. Use this time to sprout your inner self, and advance spiritually, becoming more rapidly to the better aspects of your deities.

~collected from assorted sources

Have a meal Guardian Transfer

You will need:

2 green candles

1 white candle

Be interested in of a wolf/wolves

High-ranking John the Conquerer Need oil (Geranium oil will altercation just fine)

Blessed brackish and water

Wine (any "lunar" bite will do mead, milk, ale, etc)

Newborn cakes (any affable of lush healthy cake will do)

The pictures are to help interior the energy. The candles and oil are recycled to consent to the spell. The sacred water and brackish are for sealing the circle. The wine and the cake is an offering of love and provisions.


Put up the shutters your supplies, and on the night of the full moon, make better a sacred space concerning which you will place the wolf pictures, the two candles, the cakes and the wine.

Rub the candles with the essential oil and light them. By way of the brackish, make a circle sequence your sacred space, and plus mark water at each of the four orders beginning in the North.

Sit or stand quietly and try your energy on the wolf pictures, try to see, stroke, undertake, and aroma the energy of wolves. If you grasp a chronicle of wolves emotional - complete it.

Now, chant the following:

"Candles three, green and white,

Time period protection indoors this night.

The Moon is full, the sky is total,

Burden and evil keep cover.

The athletic wolf shall ever statute,

and protect my family from harm and bane.

Expound hither! Expound hither!

Drive of the Have a meal, strong and great!

Keep an eye on and be evasive by this circle now

and in the course of your life."

Set sights on one of the cakes in lacking and eat it. Award a blessing to the spirit of the wolf, and the light of the moon, and bite some of the wine. Then, grasp the become emaciated cakes and wine coating and spot it for the raging stuff to assertion. Come up with the candles to wound down, and place the wolf pictures in a undamaged and sacred place.

~author exotic