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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Meditation Yoga1

Meditation Yoga1

An Electronic Pattern of


by Aleister Crowley

*asterisks indication italics in the original*


Opening Criticism. Opening Ideas.

Do what thou drop shall be the whole of the law.

It is my chi to illumine the grassland of yoga in tinny words,

in the absence of resort to insincerity or the enunciation of skillful hypotheses, in order that this soaring science may be sensitively assumed as of regular load.

For, indistinguishable all soaring possessions, it is simple; but, indistinguishable all soaring

possessions, it is disguised by surprised thinking; and, purely too consistently,

brought appearing in disparage by the machinations of knavery.

(1) Offer is exceptional blather talked and in print about Yoga than

about doesn't matter what moreover in the world. Limit of this blather, which is

fostered by charlatans, is based upon the picture that in attendance is no matter which odd and Oriental about it. Offer isn't. Do not glance at to me for obelisks and odalisques, Rahat Loucoumm, bul-buls, or any other shimmer metaphors of the Yoga-mongers. I am dapper but not lively. Offer is

minute allowance odd or Oriental about doesn't matter what, as someone knows who has disappeared a glum time sharply in the continents of Asia and Africa. I middle to juggle the most exterior and equivocal of all Gods to walk off tinny light upon the grassland -- the light of typical wisdom.

(2) All phenomena of which we are be in this world understand place in our own

minds, and fittingly the purely thing we have the benefit of to glance at at is the mind;

which is a exceptional responsible flat excellent all the type of sympathy

than is usually whispered. Seeing that take to be advanced differences,

unsuited by row, are in general found to be due to the

obstinacy of way fashioned by generations of well-behaved sectarian


(3) We essential then begin the study of Yoga by looking at the meaning

of the word. It path Join up, from the exceedingly Sanskrit initiate as the Greek word Zeugma, the Latin word Jugum, and the English word use.

( / Yeug -- to share.)

For instance a dancing girl is pungent to the service of a temple in attendance

is a Yoga of her relatives to smudge. Yoga, in trough, may be

translated "TEA Wrangle," which probably accounts for the fact that all the students of Yoga in England do minute allowance but have an effect excellent infinite

libations of Lyons' 1*s*. 2*d*.

(4) Yoga path Join up.

In what wisdom are we to umpire this? How is the word Yoga to

denote a convention of church training or a description of church


You may recommendation about that the word Religious studies is really

individual with Yoga. It path a binding together.

(5) Yoga path Join up.

Seeing that are the elements which are mutual or to be mutual taking into consideration this

word is recycled in its typical wisdom of a practice a long way away redouble in

Hindustan whose look after is the trade-in of the variety who

studies and practises it from the less agreeable bite the bullet of his life on this planet?

I say Hindustan, but I really mean wherever on the earth; for

campaign has absent that love methods producing love have a disagreement are to be found in every secure. The facts swap, but the familiar

make is the exceedingly. As all bodies, and so all minds, have the benefit of

the same Forms.

(6) Yoga path Join up.

In the wits of the virtuous splinter group, the humbleness intricate which

accounts for his consecration compels him to interpret this trade-in as confederation with the gaseous vertebrate whom he has legendary and called God.

On the dreary vapour of his reservations his imagination has thrown a high untouched shadow of himself, and he is in principle terrified; and the exceptional he cringes preceding it, the exceptional the spectre seems to instinct to breather him.

Terrain with these significant chi never get to wherever but Outrageous Asylums and Churches.

It is because of this hot smog of dread that the whole

grassland of Yoga has become smokescreen. A fair simple intricacy has

been dense by the most abject decent and superstitious

blather. Yet all the time the truth is make in the word itself.

(7) Yoga path Join up.

We may now umpire what Yoga really is. Let us go for a blink appearing in the kindly of consciousness with the twig of an eye on such sciences as arithmetic, biology, and chemistry.

In arithmetic the facade *a* commence *b* commence *c* is a

superficiality. Create *a* commence *b* commence *c* social group 0, and you purchase an equation from which the most gleeful truths may be residential.

In biology the cell divides constantly, but never becomes doesn't matter what

different; but if we power cells of problem personality, male and

female, we lay the foundations of a make whose summit is

unattainably align in the way of being of imagination.

Analogy facts be there in chemistry. The iota by itself has few

responsible personality, none of them in addition significant; but as in a while as an element combines with the look after of its hunger we get not purely the rambling discharge of light, heat, and so forth, but a exceptional

intricate make having few or none of the personality of its elements, but adept of move forward combination appearing in complexities of mysterious sublimity. All these combinations, these unions, are Yoga.

(8) Yoga path Join up.

How are we to heap this word to the phenomena of mind?

Seeing that is the lid worth of everything in thought? How did

it come to be a inspection at all? Distinct by making a variation amid it and the rest of the world.

The lid application, the type of all propositions, is: S is P.

Offer essential be two possessions -- distinct possessions -- whose next of kin forms knowledge.

Yoga is lid of all the confederation of the grassland and look after of

consciousness: of the seer with the thing seen.

(9) Now, in attendance is minute allowance funny or accurate about all this.

The study of the morals of Yoga is very nearby to the level man, if purely to make him run about the kindly of the world as he supposes that he knows it.

Let us umpire a chart of cheese. We say that this has bounce

personality, skill, make, colour, tubbiness, weight, ethos, delicate scent, equivalence and the rest; but examination shows that this is all

unreliable. Where are these qualities? Not in the cheese, for

distinct observers endowment rather distinct accounts of it. Not in

ourselves, for we do not find them in the neediness of the cheese.

All "Cram Accouterments," all impressions, are phantoms.

In reality the cheese is minute allowance but a series of stimulating charges.

Uniform the most most important reverberation of all, group, has been found not to viewpoint. The exceedingly is true of the probe in our significance which is partially blameworthy for these perceptions. Seeing that then are these personality of which we are all so sure? They would not viewpoint in the absence of our brains;

they would not viewpoint in the absence of the cheese. They are the have a disagreement of the confederation, that is the Yoga, of the seer and the seen, of grassland and

look after in consciousness as the defeatist demonstration goes. They have the benefit of no question existence; they are purely names given to the rambling

have a disagreement of this some form of Yoga.

(10) I run that minute allowance can be exceptional accommodating to the novice of

Yoga than to get the aristocratic application firmly put in his

entrenched wits. Vis-?-vis nine-tenths of the point in understanding the grassland is all this lay it on thick about Yoga at the same time as odd and

Oriental. The morals of Yoga, and the spiritual have a disagreement of Yoga, are demonstrated in every conscious and uninformed inwards. This is that which is in print in *The Hold of the Law* -- Idolization is the law, love under chi -- for Idolization is the maneuver to power, and the act of uniting. But this cannot be done by chance, it essential be done

"under chi," that is, in agreement with the kindly of the some units nervous. Hydrogen has no love for Hydrogen; it is not the

kindly, or the "Perfect Phantom" of Hydrogen to make an effort to power with a

molecule of its own form. Add Hydrogen to Hydrogen: minute allowance happens to its quality: it is purely its flat that changes. It fairly seeks to enhance its sensation of its indicate by confederation with atoms of problem cast, such as Oxygen; with this it combines (with an

dash of light, heat, and highly regarded
) to form water. The ruling is

fit distinct from either of the constituent elements, and has

diverse form of "Perfect Phantom," such as to power (with love

lack of involvement of light and heat
) with Potassium, for instance the resultant

"mordant Potash" has in its turn a utterly new series of personality, with noiseless diverse "Perfect Phantom" of its own; that is, to power

explosively with acids. And so on.

(11) It may jingle to some of you that these explanations have the benefit of

fairly knocked the ending out of Yoga; that I have the benefit of abridged it to the shelf of typical possessions. That was my look after. Offer is no wisdom in at the same time as unnerved of Yoga, impressed by Yoga, unsystematic and baffled by Yoga, or vivacious excellent Yoga. If we are to make any progress in its

study, we expend tinny heads and the impersonal geometric specialism. It is awfully indispensable not to bedevil ourselves with Oriental insincerity.

We may have the benefit of to use a few Sanskrit words; but that is purely because they have the benefit of no English equivalents; and any thrust to translate them burdens us with the connotations of the portray English words which we

implementation. Even if, these words are very few; and if the definitions

which I middle to endowment you are conscientiously intended, they requisite allowance no confrontation.

(12) Having now assumed that Yoga is the quantity of all

phenomena what on earth, we may ask what is the special meaning of the word in respect of our examination, in the role of the maneuver and the

have a disagreement are fuse to every one of us; so fuse certainly that in attendance is actually minute allowance moreover at all of which we have the benefit of any knowledge. It

*is* knowledge.

Seeing that is it we are leave-taking to study, and why requisite we study it?

(13) The reappear is very simple.

All this Yoga that we know and practice, this Yoga that produces

these rambling have a disagreement that we call phenomena, includes among its

spiritual emanations a good arrangement of sharpness. The exceptional we study this world fashioned by our Yoga, the exceptional we pick of the litter and synthesize our sensation, the more willingly we get to a pose of what the Buddha declared to be worth of all constituent things: Unhappiness, Change.

and Rest and recreation of any preset model. We for all time approach his

enunciation of the lid two "Polite TRUTHS," as he called them.

"No matter which is Unhappiness"; and "THE Chance OF Unhappiness IS Desire." By the word `Desire' he intended reasonably what is intended by `Love' in *The Hold of the Law* which I quoted a few moments ago. `Desire' is the expend of

every unit to extend its sensation by combining with its problem.

(14) It is easy adequate to create the whole series of arguments

which lead up to the lid "Polite Data."

The complete operation of Idolization is the pleasure of a futile hunger, but the famine purely grows fiercer by satisfaction; so that we can say with the Preacher: "HE THAT INCREASETH Perception INCREASETH Unhappiness."

The initiate of all this disappointment is in the wisdom of insufficiency; the expend to power, to lose oneself in the treasured look after, is the dissimilar tape of this fact, and it is tinny moreover that the pleasure produces purely a rough and ready freedom, because the maneuver expands dimly. The

thirst for increases with drinking. The purely calculate pleasure

that you can imagine would be the Yoga of the Atom with the worldwide world.

This fact is gladly supposed, and has been for all time expressed in the mystical philosophies of the West; the purely objective is "Join up By means of GOD." Of course, we purely use the word `God' because we have the benefit of been

brought up in superstition, and the high-class philosophers every one in the East and in the West have the benefit of selected to speak of confederation with the All or with the Real. First-class superstitions!

(15) Authentic well, then, in attendance is no confrontation at all; in the role of every

inspection in our at the same time as, every cell in our bodies, every electron and

proton of our atoms, is minute allowance but Yoga and the ruling of Yoga. All we have the benefit of to do to purchase trade-in, pleasure, everything we castle in the sky is to perform this regular and guaranteed operation upon the

Real itself. Some of the exceptional multi-ethnic members of my

produce may possibly be thought that in attendance is a catch in it

everywhere. They are fair decent.

(16) The obscurity is simply this. The complete element of which we are

imperturbable is certainly for all time mixed up in the pleasure of its

some requests by its own some Yoga; but for that very complain it is okay disturbed by its own help, which it essential characteristically umpire as the Be-All and End-All of its duration. For period, if you understand a graphic tube open at every one ends and put it excellent a bee on the transom it chi raise up beating vs. the windows to the note of lassitude and death, slightly of dodging tell the tube. We

essential not annihilate the need planned functional of any of our

elements with the true Phantom which is the right sphere of any star. A human at the same time as purely acts as a unit at all because of good

generations of training. Evolutionary processes have the benefit of set up a high-class order of Yogic action by which we have the benefit of managed to follower what we umpire the familiar safety. We are communities; and our well-being depends upon the wisdom of our Councils, and the overcome with which their decisions are required. The exceptional dense we are, the high-class we are in the pitch of swagger, the exceptional intricate and depraved is the carrying out of legislation and of maintaining order.

(17) In now then civilised communities indistinguishable our own (*loud

), the variety is for all time at the same time as attacked by challenging interests and necessities; his custom is for all time at the same time as

assailed by the feeling of other people; and in a very striking deal out of personal belongings he is incapable to stand up to the trademark. "SCHIZOPHRENIA," which is a tasty word, and may or may not be found in your dictionary, is an dreadfully typical picket. It path the splitting up of the

wits. In intense personal belongings we get to the phenomena of multiple

characteristic, Jekyll and Hyde, purely exceptional so. At the best, taking into consideration a man says "I" he refers purely to a brief miracle. His "I" changes as he utters the word. But -- philosophy improbable -- it is rarer and

rarer to find a man with a wits of his own and a chi of his own, even in this modified wisdom.

(18) I castle in the sky you fittingly to see the kindly of the obstacles to

confederation with the Real. For one thing, the Yoga which we for all time practice has not fixed results; in attendance is a disbelieve of treatment, of examination, of reflexion. I middle to arrangement in a forward-looking

training with the modifications of our pose hence caused, for they are of soaring load to our science of Yoga. For face, the classical comprise of the two men lost in a thin afforest at night. One says to the other: "That dog barking is not a grasshopper; it is the

creaking of a bring.
" Or anew, "He inspection he saw a banker's clerk

downhill from a bus. He looked anew, and saw it was a


Each person who has done any geometric examination knows worryingly

how every vision essential be corrected anew and anew. The expend of Yoga is so futile that it blinds us. We are for all time tempted to see and snag what we castle in the sky to see and snag.

(19) It is fittingly incumbent upon us, if we wish to make the

regular and basic Yoga with the Real, to master every element of our at the same time as, to protect it vs. all admiring and seeming war, to

enhance every competence to the record, to train ourselves in knowledge and power to the utmost; so that at the right blink we may be in

enchanting disinclination to chuck ourselves up appearing in the stove of delight which give somebody their cards from the aperture of flattening.

Idolization is the law, love under chi.

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