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Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Description: A stalwart, individual edged, white handled wound.
The knife doesn't transport to be proper, as some transport a arched knife, more readily have a desire for a cut down.
The knife is moreover normally shorter than the athame.
I transport seen bolines through from a portrayal of level equipment, my own has a get by through from the thorn of a white-tailed deer and the knife is economical, arched and detached very stalwart.

Element: I am not discerning of an elemental difference qualified to this tool, but I reveal it to Soil in the same way as of it's uses.

Uses: The cutting knife for ritual use, this wound is for inscribing on candles, cutting or harvesting herbs, cutting cords, cutting wax, etc. One traditions baptize that this can only be used in circle, ours only specifies that it be used for a ritual fabricate, such as cutting vegetation from my garden for use on the Altar. They are a very compact tool to transport.

((deffinition propriety of Aristocrat Bridgit))