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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Common Questions About Wicca

Common Questions About Wicca Cover Wicca is still, unfortunately seen as a bit of a taboo-even in today’s society. This article addresses some of the common questions pertaining to this issue and intends on educating without prejudice, in attempts to reduce ignorance and bigoted attitudes towards Wiccans.

I think it’s only appropriate that we get the obvious questions out of the way first! I will advise that I answer questions honestly, some may be offended by my answers however they are the truth. Here goes…

Isn’t Wicca just worshipping the devil?

No. I understand why some people may have reached this conclusion but it’s genuinely not the case. The devil/Satan is a Christian concept, centred on the image of the Greek God Pan. Christians felt intimidated by Earth based religions and as such any worship of a deity other than the Christian God was deemed as Satanism.

Do Wiccans dance around naked and take part in vulgar orgies?

Again, another common misconception. Whilst Wicca remains an Earth based religion, focusing on nature and all things natural, that doesn’t mean that we lose all clothing at any given opportunity. Besides, I wouldn’t want anyone seeing my flabby bum just because I believe in different things to you.

As for the orgy part, I imagine there will be some Wiccans that take part in orgies, as there will be Christians, Hindus, Catholics and members of all religions that take part in orgies. I don’t think a person’s religion defines their sexual preferences. Personally, I have never indulged in those types of frivolous activities, my ticker couldn’t take it.

Do Wiccans sacrifice animals in rituals?

That depends really…Do you think my Mother-in-Law would count? I’m kidding, I love my mother-in-law to pieces and besides, she’s Wiccan too! In answer to the question, no! Most Wiccans are either vegetarian or vegan so to sacrifice animals in ritual would be rather pointless and hypocritical.

Why do Wiccans wear the pentagram? That’s the sign of the devil!

It’s really not; the inverted pentagram has been adopted by some satanic groups, similarly to the inverted crucifix. I can’t for the life of me understand why though…Can they not make up their own design? The pentagram symbolises the five elements (Earth, air, water, fire and spirit.)

Some may be interested to know that the pentagram was actually used by medieval Christians to symbolise the five wounds of Christ.

Are Wiccans witches?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is a little more complex. The general rule of thumb is to remember that all Wiccans are witches, but not all witches are Wiccan. Wiccans follow a Pagan belief system and as such Wicca has religious ties to it. Witchcraft however does not. The term “Wicca” was created in the 1950’s by a gentleman called Gerald Gardner.

Wiccans practice witchcraft and follow the Wiccan rede, a sort of law that prevent you from doing harm to others. In general use it prevents Wiccans from doing anything that may be construed as evil or bad. We also follow the threefold law which implies that anything bad you do will come back to you times three.

Who can become Wiccan?

Anyone can become a Wiccan, some even claim that they have been Wiccan since birth-particularly if their parents followed the same belief system. Wiccans are not limited by occupation, social status, colour or creed. There are Wiccans from all walks of life all across the world. There are doctors, solicitors, social workers, and counsellors etc that follow the Wiccan path.

What type of religion is Wicca?

Wicca is a nature based polytheistic religion. That basically means the worship of more than one Goddess or God.

Where can I find out more information? (And make sure you’re not lying to me)

There are thousands and thousands of online resources full of information about Wicca. I do have my favourites, but I think in this instance it would be better to name a source that we all know and recognise, but more importantly, trust.

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