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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Coven Charter

Coven Charter Cover COVEN CHARTER

Coven it will adhere to the following guidelines for Coven Governance and

1. All who desire to do so may call themselves a Servant of the Elder Gods.

2. Three or more people who are coveners themselves may form a group for
whatever purpose they deem fit; i.e. Religious, Magical, Study, etc.

3. Any group so formed, should name itself with a name indicative of its purpose
using the coven name, i.e. COVEN OF MOONLYGHT MYST Study Group.

a. The use of the word "Coven" is reserved for religious group use only.

4. Coven Organization

a. A "Coven" is a group of Witches organized for the purposes of worshipping
the Elder Gods and goddesses in a balanced manner.

b. A coven is considered to have met when such a meeting was called by the High
Priestess and/or Priest and at least 50% of the members of the coven attend. In
no case shall a meeting be considered a gathering of the Coven without at least
three people present.

c. Coven Officers will consist of at least three: Priest, Priestess, and
Scribe. Others may be elected as the need arises by the general membership of

d. Within a consecrated Circle and during Ritual, the authority of the Priestess
and Priest is absolute. Any other governance of the Coven is by consensus of
the members.

e. After dedication, a student may participate in any general Circle ritual held
by the sponsoring Coven, and special Circles by invitation of the Priest or
Priestess presiding. In fact, such participation in celebration of Sabbats and
Esbats should be encouraged as part of his training and leading to his/her
initiation into full membership of the Coven, however a Dedicant has no voice in
the daily governance of the Coven.

f. After a suitable time of instruction decided by the Coven, a Dedicant may be
presented for Initiation to full Coven membership. After the receiving of the
Coven Initiation, the Initiate is eligible to vote in all matters of Coven
governance, and has all of the rights and responsibilities of Coven membership.
An Initiate can elect to remain (or become) a Solitary Practitioner of the Craft
at any time. The individual who wishes to become a solitary should notify the
presiding clergy in writing so the notice can be recorded in the Coven records
by the Scribe.

g. Any Elder Initiate can leave a Coven and start a new Coven if they abide by
the rules stated herein.

h. Elected Terms of Office - Election to the Coven offices of Priest, Priestess,
or Scribe is for the period of thirteen Lunar months and is by secret ballot.
The exception to this rule is when an elected office holder resigns in writing
or when expelled from the Coven.

i. Any exceptions or expansions to these rules must be approved by Unanimous
Coven Vote.

j. Initiation. Every candidate for initiation must
1. Be able to describe his/her religion to someone who knows nothing about
2. Be able to list all eight Sabbats.
3. Write and lead one Sabbat Ritual.
4. Successfully cast a "tangible" circle.
5. Successfully call all 4 quarters in a "Tangible" manner.
6. Demonstrate a Personal connection to God/dess.
7. Have a basic Understanding of Wiccan Theurgy as well as show the same
or show definite progress on the same for at least one "other" path.
8. Demonstrated an understanding and continuous application of the Rede.
9. Have the unanimous consent of all Coven members to their initiation as
"Priest/ess and Witch."

5. Ritual Observance

a. Holidays
The traditional eight holidays of Wicca will be observed at appropriate times,
to be determined by the Coven involved; i.e. many celebrate Holidays on the
"Closest" calendrical weekend, others select the Nearest Full Moon, etc.

b. Esbats
The selection of Esbat observance is left to the coven and the convenience of
it's membership.

c. Dedication and Initiation
A Dedication Ritual should be performed to indicate a students dedication to
learning about the Craft and to introduce him/her to the Coven as a student, as
well as to give them a taste of Circle Ritual and to prepare them for
participation in Sabat Circles as a Dedicant. An Initiation Ritual is to admit
the Dedicant to Full Membership in the Coven, with all the Rights, Privileges,
and Responsibilities appurtenant thereto.

d. Ritual Sources
The Coven of MOONLYGHT MYST is based on an eclectic approach to Wiccan Worship,
therefore, the approach to Ritual Sources, is "if it works use it, and if it
doesn't work for you and /or your group don't use it". These principles are ,
of course, to be applied within the framework of the principles of a balanced
approach to worship of the Lord and Lady, the Wiccan Rede, and the utmost
respect for your fellow Man.

6. There is a limited degree system or "hierarchy" involved in the Coven.
However there is a recognition of individual "specialties", for those who desire
such recognition. In other words, "Dedicant" and "Initiate" are the only
"degrees" in the
this Coven.

a. Specialties currently recognized are:
1. Priest or Priestess - indicating experience and ability in leading ritual on
the eight Sabbats and Circle worship at other times. Recognition for this
specialty is dependent on demonstrated ability by the individual concerned on at
least one each of these occasions. A group in need of one of this specialty may
appoint someone as an "Acting" Priest or Priestess until such person becomes
fully qualified. An "Acting" Priest or Priestess may be confirmed to this
specialty, depending on Coven determination.
2. Mage - indicating experience and ability in working Thaumaturgical magic and
spell-work. Recognition for this specialty is dependent on demonstrated ability
by the individual concerned on at least three occasions.
3. Healer - indicating experience and ability in working with healing of others,
whether by magical/psychic means, herbal and naturopathic, medical, or other
means. This capability must be demonstrated either by a certificate of
training/accomplishment (mundane methods such as first-aid, nursing, etc.), or
successful application upon at least three occasions.
4. Counselor - Indicating expertise in interpersonal relationships and the
healing of persons with psychological or social dysfunctions. This specialty is
allowed only upon the documentation of three successes and the agreement of two
others of the Coven in writing.
5. Warrior - Indicating devotion to bringing and maintaining Peace to (and
between) both Brothers and Sisters of the Craft as well as the mundane world.
This specialty is recognized only after written nomination by three others of
the Coven.
6. Elder Priest or Elder Priestess - Indicating successful (as determined by the
Coven) service of two or more 13 Lunar Month terms as Priest or Priestess of a
7. Elder of the Craft - signifying experience as a member of a Coven for three
or more lunar years with at least two years of successful experience in two or
more of the listed specialties.
8. Scholar - This specialty is Coven recognition of expert Knowledge (but not
necessarily active practice) of ALL of the specialties herein named.
9. Tutor - Indicating successful instruction of two or more dedicants, proven by
their acceptance and initiation. These specialties are listed as a requirement
for a "journeyman" status in those specialties and are a recognition for
Continuous practice in those specialties. Some Covens may wish to grant a
"Master" level to these activities in recognition of exemplary service,
expertise, and knowledge for a period of five or more years in a specialty.


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