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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Fire To Temples And Homes In Bangladesh In Protest

Fire To Temples And Homes In Bangladesh In Protest

* Attacks triggered by Facebook picture deemed insulting to Islam
* Protesters torch at smallest possible four Buddhist temples and 15 homes
* Standardize try to recuperate organization in the south-east of the put down
* Buddhist monks creatively the put down intensity protests just the once the attacks

By ROB PREECEPUBLISHED: 02:59 GMT, 1 October 2012 UPDATED: 03:00 GMT, 1 October 2012

Hundreds of Muslims in Bangladesh chomp burned at smallest possible four Buddhist temples and 15 homes just the once nervous that a Buddhist man had disrespected their religion.

They carried out the attacks in argument at a picture posted on Facebook which they alleged disrespected Islam and had been put on the website by a Buddhist.

At smallest possible one Buddha statue was beheaded participating in the attacks, which happened in Buddhist villages in the Cox's Bazar branch off in the south-east of the put down.Destruction: Buddha statues, and one with its take charge irreverent, stand between the relics of a Buddhist temple that was torched in Ramu in the coastal neighboring of Cox's Bazar, BangladeshAftermath: Bangladesh's Hangout Chief priest Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir (third from the departed) visits a burned temple in Cox's BazarBurning: Gas rises from the sediment of a Buddhist temple that was torched in Ramu. The attacks were sparked by a picture on Facebook, which Muslims claimed was insulting to IslamIt follows days of bother just the once Muslims creatively the world were exasperated by an anti-Islamic have a shower made in the US.

Standardize alleged they had deployed show mercy to secure martial and prohibit gatherings in Buddhist-dominated areas. 'We brought the advantage under gush previously dawn and imposed boundaries on party gatherings,' alleged Salim Mohammad Jahangir, neighboring normalize administrator for Cox's Bazar.Standardize had escorted the man accused of posting the insulting picture and his mother to guarantee, he mega. Hangout Chief priest Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir described the attacks on temples as a deliberate and gossip procedure to spoil sort out.Ruined: Dried out statues at the temple of Shima Bihar at Ramu, some 216 miles south-east of the Bangladeshi capital, DhakaDamage: A Bangladeshi man looks at the torched relics of a Buddhist temple called Ramu Moitree BiharAttacked: Children register previous the devastated homes of Buddhists living in Ramu, south-east BangladeshAlamgir also promised to make well the Buddhist monasteries and temples, and correct associates whose houses were torched.

Muslims in Bangladesh and bygone chomp also been bruised by brusqueness enhanced the stratum inMyanmar everywhere members of the load Buddhist community clashed with minority Muslims this year.

Sohel Sarwar Kajal, the Muslim take charge of the council in the branch off, alleged he was hard to recuperate organization.

'We are perform everything possible to suppress bother and recuperate organization relating the communities,' he alleged.

Better-quality than 100 Buddhists theatrical a lifeless argument in the capital Dhaka on Sunday afternoon vs. the attacks on their temples, witnesses alleged.Response: Buddhists snag a raid in argument at the aggressive attacks on temples and homesUnited: Bangladeshi Buddhist monks in Dhaka form a possible run participating in a argument vs. attacks on temples and homesTensions: A man takes part in the argument in Dhaka. Standardize say they are hard to recuperate organization in the branch off everywhere the aggressive attacks took placeDemonstration: Buddhist monks also theatrical a argument in Chittagong as tensions simmered surveillance the aggressive attacks in the south-east of the put down