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Friday, 20 January 2012

Oracular Seidhr For Samhain

Oracular Seidhr For Samhain
My next scheduled oracular seidhr session will take place on the evening of Saturday October 28th for Samhain. These are remote sessions, meaning that anyone can send me a question to put before the gods and spirits on your behalf; you don't have to be local to me. However, kindly bear in mind that this practice is central to my religious path and is not a parlor game; serious questions only, please!

Pllease email your question, rather than replying to this post, although if you have questions ABOUT my practice, feel free to post them here!

Seidhr is an umbrella term encompassing both Scandinavian witchcraft in general and the ancient tradition of oracular trance that is (and was) most often practiced by followers of either Odin or Freyja. Although the practice has echoes in both Anglo-Saxon and continental Germanic practice, "seidhr" is the name I used when I began this practice (close to a decade ago now!), so seidhr is the term I stick to. Many different versions of oracular seidhr exist in modern heathenry.

If you are unfamiliar with my practice, please review this page BEFORE submitting your question. Although not required, donations are especially welcomed now, as I have recently reduced my working hours to part time due to my health. Any donations will be used to purchase offerings, libations, etc, all of which are needed in abundance this time of year!