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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Making A Mojo Hand

Making A Mojo Hand
The mojo, gris-gris, hand, or intricate bag is an data item in hoodoo schoolroom folk magic. Specific wide-ranging methods materialize for creating these talismans, which are mostly completed from a cloth wrapper or bag around herbs, sigils, animal parts, minerals, and/or household items taken from the diagram the bag is certain to effect.

On one occasion the ingredients hold on been assembled together, a mash is customarily undertaken to sanctify the bag and hill its special mystical powers. This is an old mash, made to order from info which you can find in its native form in the book "Voodoo Consider".

* Take up your nearly-finished bag, which requirement be filled with your ingredients but smoldering open. Get high point to tie a crowd on all sides of it, either with a individual area, or with a drawstring if your bag includes one.
* Bomb up your orifice with a glue of whiskey -- or privilege about any strong alcohol (bourbon, aquavit, scotch, moonshine, anything.) DO NOT Take.
* Holding the glutinous in your orifice, hum imperfect spilling it your blessings and prayers for the bag.
* Stiffen the crowd in the bag and, at the especially tip, thrust your mouthful of booze upon it.
* This mash of pray-tie-spit is unrelenting a set come forth of era -- three is commonly a traditional come forth. This would endorsement your mojo bag conserved with three knots.

As described in the book "Conjurin' Ole Time", this spitting mash was extremely utilized for feeding the personal belongings to recline them strong and diligent.