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Monday, 15 March 2010

Baphomet Meditation

Baphomet Meditation
For this meditation all you request poverty is the image of the Levi Baphomet, the best guide is found in the Eliphas Levi book Histoire de la Magie [The Fastest of Magic]. Levi was a previous catholic, who furthermost ordinary developed the image from the devil images of his time - from the tarot trumps that showed the evil spirit as a winged, chained unfinished man, unfinished beast. He along with claimed that it was the idol of the Templars, but this information comes from torturous confessions concluded their massacre, and was ordinary never true. The templars were Christian money lenders, and in the company of their in accord relatives with the Islamic armies, and their practice of money-lending, they became targets of aggravation and condition humiliation. The story of idol goat-worship came in the wake of their death, to libel their name.

Some support that the word Baphomet sense 'mahomet', but the image itself does not assemble any Muslim attributes, and along with, the Muslims assemble never been experienced to create images of their god. it is above ordinary that the connection with Mohamed and Baphomet came about from the templar's relatives with the Muslims. The name is along with speculated to assemble come from 'abufihamet', a Sufi word meaning twitch of shrewdness. Others assemble believed that the name of Baphomet, relates to the Latin meaning of 'baphe metis' digestion of knowledge, and even faster from egypt - Ba of Mendes, a goat-like wealth god that about time has ordinary been the inspiration of the images of Baphomet.

Levi never alleged for the Baphomet to act as deputy Satanic armed forces as Satanists assemble represented it today. Regardless, Satanists the world silent assemble adopted the Levi Baphomet as a symbol or image of Satan. This image charmingly illustrates the primary of Satan, and the earth, and focusing on it makes for a super deep in thought practice.


Be seen modish the image of the Baphomet. It is a creature that is unfinished animal and unfinished human. The firstly is of an animal, the goat. The thing is moreover male and female and illustrates their sexuality in coupling in the symbols of the tangled loop. Give orders this coupling life is produced and never-ending.

The Baphomet is neuter and represents moreover armed forces, reasonable as Satan represents our animal and human natures. Be seen modish the Baphomet's eyes. The Baphomet [as Satan] asks us to cope with participating in to find our own wisdom and feeling. Give orders this he/she is experienced to find the lack of prejudice in the company of the earth and the criminal world, covering and within.

The Baphomet holds hir hands in the stand of benediction, to explain that in this self educated wisdom, all clothing are doable. Upon the arms, reads the words meet et coagula', approximately translated it sense to attend to and disunite, two super armed forces of footstep that are normal and never disperse. The Baphomet points to the two moons, viewing how the darker armed forces of character are in alignment with the lunar blow. Imagine on the image of the Baphomet to grave and center yourself and to field of study on the element of Keep in as it relates to Satan. As you cope with the image silent, expect about what each aspect of the image may well act as deputy to you.

Baphometic Invocation: I right upon Baphomet! Beginning of Sense, Father of The whole story and Lie, Supplier of Day and Night! Channel and disunite your Loving wisdom amid us! As we cope with participating in we request know, As within so Weakness, As outstanding, So below! - Venus Satanas

Eliphas Levi, Baphomet

For a above grand history on Levi, the Templars and the Baphomet delay this site: