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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Darkside Of The Moon A Complete Course In Magic And Witchcraft

The Darkside Of The Moon A Complete Course In Magic And Witchcraft Cover

Book: The Darkside Of The Moon A Complete Course In Magic And Witchcraft by Basil Crouch

Basil Crouch makes the point that this book is not based on theory, but on WHAT CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN, based on the results achieved by his followers. In Chapter II he writes:

Everything that I write of I have experienced. No other author can write with such authority. In my book you can read of things that you have never seen before.

What we have read in this book we have never seen before! Much of it is mind-boggling-even frightening-and we can only say that 'truth is indeed stranger than fiction'!

This is clearly not a book for most people. It was written for the serious beginner and for the ambitious reader who wants to experience the real power of the Occult. It is not for the religiously-inclined or the faint-hearted. THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS BOOK INVOKE THE RAW PRIMAL FORCES OF MAGIC-BLACK AS WELL AS' WHITE! demons, as well as angels, are invoked!

Under no circumstances should persons of an emotionally unstable nature attempt to perform these instructions!

This book is about power. It is also about greed, list and ambition. In addition it is about helping other people to make better lives for themselves! THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR THE READER WHO KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL AS OFTEN ITS INSTRUCTIONS BLUR THE DISTINCTION!

The reader who wishes to avail him/herself of its instructions will need commitment, patience, time and determination. THIS BOOK IS ONLY FOR THE PERSON WHO MEANS BUSINESS!

This book offers a new life of amazing personal-and material-power. No matter what your circumstances, no matter how poor or underprivileged you are, all that can be left behind, with Mr. Crouch's book! IT ALSO SHOWS YOU HOW TO MAKE A VERY GOOD LIVING FROM HELPING OTHERS THROUGH MAGIC.

Basil Crouch has been doing it for 50 years-now at the age of 80 he is telling others how to do it!

Sex figures heavily in this book. Once you are a high priest or priestess of your own coven-and you can do it from scratch with this book: IT SHOWS HOW TO INITIATE YOURSELF INTO THE MYSTERIES!-you can recruit members of the opposite sex to assist you in your sex-orientated rituals!

In the eyes of the Church this book will be viewed as positively 'EVIL'!!!

But this book requires work on the part of the reader! He/she has to initiate his/herself and get personal results from magic before showing others how it's done!

This book is not intended as an aid to the potential charlatan for obtaining free sex and easy money from the gullible!

Basil Crouch has a name and a reputation to protect. Ask anybody in the Occult in England about Basil Crounch and they will speak highly of him, even if they disagree with his teachings!

The reader who abuses these teachings will reap his/her own dreadful problems!

But the honest reader-who honestly wants power, sex, money, and has the desire to help others and exact vengeance on those who exploit the helpless-will FIND HIS/HER WILDEST DREAMS FULFILLED WITHIN THE PAGES OF THIS STRANGE BOOK!

Even within the context of (genuine) black magic and Satanic practice a ,certain moral code is required, perhaps more so then a Christian code, because of its close proximity to downfall and perfidy.

The Occult can either make you or destroy you! That decision is yours-Basil Crounch cannot make it for you: he cannot make or unmake you-he can only show you the way.

(Mr. Crouch, by the way, is one of the kindest and most honorable men we have ever known-which is more than we can say for some of the 'Christain' people we have met!!).

If you are not afraid of the dark, or the hidden powers within your mind, or what may be 'out there'...If you are not afraid to give up a life of poverty and mediocrity...If your mind is strong and your determination to succeed is obsessive...If sex is never far from your thoughts, then this book is for you .

Download Basil Crouch's eBook: The Darkside Of The Moon A Complete Course In Magic And Witchcraft

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