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Monday, 1 March 2010

About St Patrick Day

About St Patrick Day Cover
The day of St. Patrick's, the patron-saint of Ireland who was born about 386 A. D., is celebrated by Irishmen, wherever they exist. The shamrock is worn everywhere, in commemoration of the fact that when St. Patrick was preaching the doctrine of the Trinity, he made use of this plant, which bears three leaves upon one stem, as a symbol of this great mysterium.

Liberal participation of "Patrick's pot" and great feasting are the principal signatures of the day.

In every household the herb is placed upon the breakfast table of the master and the mistress, who "drown the shamrock" in generous draughts of whiskey, and then send the bottle down into the kitchen for the servants.

The most popular of the many legends about St. Patrick is the one which credits him for having driven all the snakes and vermin out of Ireland.

Here's an old old poem about it"'s not a mile in Ireland's isle" the dirty vermin musters;"'er he put his dear forefoot" murdered them in clusters" toads went hop, the frogs went flop" dash into the water" the beasts committed suicide to" themselves from slaughter. " hundred thousand vipers blue" charmed with sweet discourses" dined on them at Killaloo" soups and second courses" blindworms crawling on the grass" all the nation" gave them a rise and opened their eyes" a sense of the situation. " Wicklow Hills are very high, and"'s the Hill of Howth, sir;" there's a hill much higher still-ay" than them both, sir;"'Twas on the top of this high hill St" preached the sarmint" drove the frogs into the bogs and" all the varmint.

Found in:

Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences

NOTE: What many people don't realize is that the serpent was actually a metaphor for the early Pagan faiths of Ireland. St. Patrick brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle, and did such a good job of it that he practically eliminated Paganism from the country. Because of this, some modern Pagans refuse to observe a day which honors the elimination of the old religion in favor of a new one. It's not uncommon to see Pagans and Wiccans wearing some sort of snake symbol on St. Patrick's Day, instead of those green "Kiss Me I'm Irish" badges.

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