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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So, impartial back from Hillsong Colour Reason, London 2011. Totally motivated and packed with the spirit. Many to talk about for this week, but to cut off how I'm consider power now, these are my 'declarations' from the jot in my workstation - enigmatic irresponsibly as I tried to cut off the glimmer this end of the day, consider greatly and really in love with my God, with the Characterize and with the church...


: Hold close giant in glory

: Zip every mark confined and Softhearted the lies of the opponent

: Zip License from my God

: Hold close on Gods promises

: Put UP my Shoot at

: BE a statue of glory

: Trail the walls in traditionalism

: BE a Opponent for God

: Fortitude NOT be scared of about tomorrow

: Be Effective but focussed

: Speech out Gods word in love

: BE a world-changer. one step at a time

: Fortitude NOT be fastidious by end

: Hold close up for my talent and my power to teach Gods word,

: SEE the church new and rising up

: Fortitude NOT anxiety man

: Be EMPOWERED as I am, a man of God

: BE Tough in who God completed ME to be...