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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

The Moon Magic

The Moon Magic Cover The moon, along with its phases and energies and symbols, possess a strong influence over all rites of magick in witchcraft, from times of old to present day. To perform successful magick, it is somewhat important to always work in harmony with the moon and her different phases.

New Moon: The new moon is a time for healing and growth. This is a great time for new projects and ideas. It appears as a crescent moon.

Waxing Moon: This is when the moon is growing from the crescent moon to the full moon, this phase lasts for 14 days and is symbolic of all new things. New beginnings in love, work, school, health and ideas. The waxing moon corresponds to the Maiden (also warrior and virgin) aspect of the Triple Goddess, and is the proper time for performing rituals in honor of her. It is also the appropriate time to perform spells and rituals involving all forms of growth, strengthening, and the increasing of things such as love, good luck, money, health, etc...

Full Moon: This phase lasts for 6 days, 3 days before the full moon and 3 days after the full moon. The energy of a full moon increases a witch's psychic powers, so therefore the full moon is said to be the most favorable time of all to perform Divinations as well as spells and rituals that can increase psychic abilities and induce dreams that can tell the future and the unknown.
The full moon corresponds to the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess, making it a very powerful phase for working with all forms of fertility magick. The moon has been associated with female fertility since the earliest of times and it was once believed that if a woman desired children, she could simply sleep under the silvery white light of a full moon and become magickally impregnated by a moonbeam. Full moons also enhance the power of spells that involve sensuality, creativity and nurturing.

Waning Moon: This is when the moon is shrinking from full to new, this phase lasts for 14 days. The waxing moon corresponds to the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess and is the proper lunar phase in which to honor her. This is also the correct time to reverse spells, decrease, banish and destroy things such as diseases, addictions and bad luck.
Crone honoring rites are traditionally performed at this time as this is the time of the month when the powers are at their greatest. The Crone represents maturity of wisdom, Spiritual Peace, a time of endings that are leading to new beginnings and death that brings forth new life.

Dark Moon: The Dark Moon occurs three days before the New moon. It is not visible in the sky, hence its name. Traditionally, no magick is performed at this time.

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