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Thursday, 21 December 2006

Basic Principles Of The Craft

Basic Principles Of The Craft Cover

Book: Basic Principles Of The Craft by Anonymous

The Craft (Witchcraft - NOT to be confused with Satanism. A true witch has nothing to do with this, even though there are some Satanists who (unrightfully) call themselves "Witch".) contains a large number of groups with bonds to each other, for the most part, which are looser than those you will find between Christian churches. Each has it's own traditions, it's own beliefs, it's own panthion, etc. So just WHAT is it that, overall, a Witch believes in? The American Council of Witches was formed to determine what it was that all Witches have in common, belief-wise. In the early 1970's, a paper was released with their findings, and gives a good overall picture of it. The following is the text of that paper.

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