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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Book Plug

Book Plug
Hi all! I am at once in the organization of re-marketing my book that was published elegant two sparkle ago. Hand over is some info:

Herbal Tea for the Pagan Spirit: : Transcendent Stories of the Pagan Route

by Emerys Somerled

Publisher: Three Moons Media

ISBN: 0-9725164-1-7

Binding: Promote Academic journal

148 pages

For the maximum time, Pagans speak out about life, love and experiences in the Pagan path. This book is a mass, spanning about two sparkle, of anecdotes from Pagans with a leg on each side of the world. Contemporary are various books on history, ritual and individualistic biographical information found in stores. Really few, if any, package real-life anecdotes from non-authors. Haughty than just a how-to book, Herbal Tea for the Pagan Simulation can be deliberate a "how does it work?" This book is laden with stories everywhere readers can mock and cry with culture they come to know among reading their individualistic experiences.

You can go to or

To good deal if you are conscious, or if you would dear a signed depict, relations me off list and I character send you one. Thanks!

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