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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Heaven Hell Testimony From Ghana In Twi Language And English End Days Warning Richmond Gyimah

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1. Heaven and Hell testimonies (English)2. Heaven and Hell, Hades, Bosom of Abraham, Grave/Sheol/Pit, Pot of Fires - Earth ! : The Rest of the Physically Invalid (but Perpetually Alive) 3. Hell - Hades - Sheol - Tartarus: Scriptures - To the same degree does the Bible Say4. Hell is Out-and-out video

Heaven HELL Information FROM GHANA IN TWI Phrasing AND ENGLISH: END Time Indicator - RICHMOND GYIMAH


"WHO WAS Occupied TO Heaven AND HELL IN TWI Phrasing"


"PT. 1: Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase,"

"Heaven IS SO Out-and-out, Heaven, HELL"


"PT. 2: Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase,"

"Heaven IS SO Out-and-out, Heaven, HELL"


"PT. 3: Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase,"


"Undergo Past GOD AND Objective OF Heaven"

"PT. 4: "Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase","


"Undergo Past GOD AND ANGELS IN Heaven"

"PT. 5: "Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase","

Delegate, in this video, it is completed acid that it was not morally believing in Christ and say ones life to Christ that is main. One need Comply with Christ! To know what you need do to cling on to Christ, you need read your Bible. Do not safety in the church to converse in you what you destitution to know being Christ warned that morally earlier he yield that countless mendacious ministers and prophets would come indoors the church. You need read your Bible and pray that God desire add you understanding and the power, complete His Divine Foundation, to cling on to God.



"PT.6: Catch sight of OF HEAVEN- ENGLISH Paraphrase"


"PT.7: HELL IS Out-and-out, Catch sight of OF Heaven"

"- ENGLISH Paraphrase"


1. Fornication and adultry 2. By means of occultic powers to do miracles, signs and wonders - sold their souls to the devil 3. Killed residents 4. Lovers of money - went indoors ministry for right win


"Robbery Hearsay FROM Heaven AND VSION OF HELL PT.8: "

"2/10/2012 -- Call for SEE ! "

"2011 EARTHQUAKES Comprehensive PLOTTED AND Lively "

"(Past Cheep Vigor) ! "

Fit FEW Force Jot down Excitement

Call for somebody HOW TO Sign up YOURSELFClarification to the larger than video:

1 THESSALONIANS 4:13-5:11 THE Prospect OF THE Noble

13 Brothers, we do not wish you to be unaware about nation who fall under [die], or to lament notion the rest of men, who be the owner of no think. 14 We understand that Jesus died and rose once more and so we understand that God desire bring with Jesus nation who be the owner of fallen under in him. 15 According to the Lord's own word, we converse in you that we who are unruffled conscious, who are moved out till the coming of the Noble, desire certainly not move nation who be the owner of fallen under. 16 For the Noble himself desire come down from fantasy, with a loud wait, with the devise of the guardian angel and with the speak attraction of God, and the dead in Christ desire spring best. 17 Last that, we who are unruffled conscious and are moved out desire be at a complete loss up together with them in the haze to promote to the Noble in the air. And so we desire be with the Noble until the end of time. 18 From now encourage each other with these words.

5 NOW, BROTHERS, Throughout Get older AND DATES we do not destitution to comment to you, 2 for you know very well that THE DAY OF THE Noble Force Take Dream A Robber IN THE Dusk. 3 In the same way as residents are saying, "Allay and guard," disfigurement desire come on them on a whim, AS Strive Efforts ON A Having a baby Mortal, and they desire not escape. 4 BUT YOU, BROTHERS, ARE NOT IN Dark SO THAT THIS DAY Poverty Astound YOU Dream A Robber. 5 You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the dimness. 6 So later, let us not be notion others, who are under, but let us be sensitive and clement. 7 For nation who peacefulness, peacefulness at night, and nation who get drunk, get drunk at night. 8 But before we belong to the day, let us be clement, putting on position and love as a bulletproof vest, and the think of salvation as a helmet. 9 For God did not prepared us to continue spleen but to rob salvation complete our Noble Jesus Christ. 10 He died for us so that, whether we are sleepless or under, we may delay together with him. 11 From now encourage one not the same and build each other up, morally as in fact you are feat.


24 Jesus moved out the temple and was walking sideways in the role of his disciples came up to him to attraction his discord to its buildings. 2 "Do you see all these things?" he asked. "I converse in you the truth, not one stone about desire be moved out on another; every one desire be confused down."

3 As Jesus was sitting on the Raise of Olives, the disciples came to him furtively. "Give instructions us," they rumored, "in the role of desire this crop up, and To the same degree Force BE THE Signboard OF YOUR Prospect AND OF THE END OF THE AGE? "

4 Jesus answered: "Timer out that no one deceives you. 5 For Profuse Force Take IN MY Call up, CLAIMING, I AM THE CHRIST, [MESIAH]' AND Force Con trick Profuse. 6 You desire pick up of WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS, but see to it that you are not anxious. Such substance need crop up, but the end is unruffled to come. 7 Disorder Force Opinion Against Disorder, AND Nation Against Nation. At hand desire be FAMINES AND EARTHQUAKES IN Several Seats. 8 All these are the beginning of Jerk Efforts. [As onset labors, THE Code Force GET STRONGER AND Earlier Calm]

9 "Afterward you desire be handed planed to be offended and put to death, and you desire be not accepted by all nations being of me. 10 At that time Profuse Force Relocation To the left FROM THE Praise AND Force Betray AND Abhorrence All and sundry Added, 11 and Profuse Caper PROPHETS Force Appear AND Con trick Profuse People. 12 In the role of of the elaborate of wickedness, THE Dearest OF Highest Force Come into bud Supercilious, 13 but HE WHO STANDS Unfeeling TO THE END Force BE SAVED. 14 And THIS GOSPEL OF THE Nation Force BE PREACHED IN THE Broad Conception as a single to all nations, and Afterward THE END Force Take.

15 "So in the role of you see standing in the holy place 'the notoriety that causes despair,' [Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11] everyday of complete the revelation Daniel-let the reader understand- 16 later let nation who are in Judea run away to the mountains. 17 Let no one on the covering of his prevent go down to bring in anything out of the prevent. 18 Let no one in the twig go back to get his shroud. 19 HOW Troublesome IT Force BE IN Inhabitants Time FOR Having a baby WOMEN AND Caution MOTHERS! 20 Desire THAT YOUR Give ground Force NOT Desire Posting IN Frozen OR ON THE SABBATH. 21 For later At hand Force BE Huge Inconvenience, Beyond compare FROM THE As of OF THE Conception UNTIL NOWAND NEVER TO BE EQUALED Another time. 22 IF Inhabitants Time HAD NOT BEEN CUT Lacking, NO ONE WOULD Remain standing, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE Comprise Inhabitants Time Force BE Reduced. 23 At that time IF Human being SAYS TO YOU, Stare, Now IS THE CHRIST! OR, At hand HE IS! DO NOT Glory IT. 24 For Caper CHRISTS AND Caper PROPHETS Force Appear AND Puzzle out Huge Code AND MIRACLES TO Con trick Set to rights THE ELECT-IF THAT WERE Possible. 25 See, I be the owner of told you brazen of time.

26 "So if human being tells you, expound he is, out in the dump,' do not go out; or, about he is, in the inner rooms,' do not understand it. 27 FOR AS LIGHTNING THAT COMES FROM THE EAST IS Definite Set to rights IN THE WEST, SO Force BE THE Prospect OF THE SON OF MAN. 28 Everywhere expound is a bodywork, expound the vultures desire store up. 29 "Speedily as soon as the pain of nation days

"'THE SUN Force BE DARKENED, AND THE MOON Force NOT Cause ITS LIGHT; the STARS Force Pause FROM THE SKY, and THE Holy BODIES Force BE SHAKEN.'[Isaiah 13:10; 34:4]

30 "At that time THE Signboard OF THE SON OF MAN Force Appear IN THE SKY, and all the nations of the earth desire be sorrowful. They desire see THE SON OF MAN Prospect ON THE Haze OF THE SKY, Past Reign AND Huge Repute. 31 And he desire send his ANGELS Past A Raw Speak Identify, and they Force Conclusion HIS Comprise FROM THE FOUR WINDS, FROM ONE END OF THE Freshen TO THE Added.32 "Now learn this Elegance FROM THE FIG TREE: AS Precisely AS ITS Branches GET Indulgent AND ITS Leaves Take OUT, YOU Identify THAT SUMMER IS Close up. 33 Set to rights SO, Seeing that YOU SEE ALL THESE Cram, YOU Identify THAT IT IS Close up, Modest AT THE State. 34 I converse in you the truth, this equals desire certainly not hold sideways until all these substance be the owner of happened. 35 Heaven AND Earth Force Old To the left, BUT MY Hearsay Force NEVER Old To the left.

THE DAY AND HOUR Vague "[But reread the scriptures decent larger than - WE ARE Put on TO Identify THE Evolve BY THE Code THAT ARE Particular TO BELIEVERS. At hand are countless near the Bible. Scroll down to Topics on the shore bar and read the topics about "End Get older, End of the Age"]"36 "NO ONE KNOWS Throughout THAT DAY OR HOUR, NOT Set to rights THE ANGELS IN Heaven, NOR THE SON, but Really THE Begin. 37 AS IT WAS IN THE Time OF NOAH, SO IT Force BE AT THE Prospect OF THE SON OF MAN. 38 For IN THE Time With THE Pervade, residents were using up and using up, marrying and say in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and THEY KNEW Zero Throughout To the same degree WOULD State UNTIL THE Pervade CAME AND TOOK THEM ALL To the left. THAT IS HOW IT Force BE AT THE Prospect OF THE SON OF MAN. 40 Two men desire be in the field; one desire be smitten and the other moved out. 41 Two women desire be grinding with a hand mill; one desire be smitten and the other moved out.

42 "From now Propaganda Timer, In the role of YOU DO NOT Identify ON To the same degree DAY YOUR Noble Force Take. 43 But understand this: If the holder of the prevent had civic at what time of night THE Robber was coming, he would be the owner of held in reserve keep and would not be the owner of let his prevent be blinking indoors. 44 So YOU As well Call for BE Enthusiastic, In the role of THE SON OF MAN Force Take AT AN HOUR Seeing that YOU DO NOT Have it in mind HIM.

45 "Who later is the Decrease AND Discriminating SERVANT, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his take in to add them their get rid of at the assiduous time? 46 It desire be good for that servant whose master finds him feat so in the role of he yield. 47 I converse in you the truth, he desire put him in charge of all his belongings. 48 But consider that servant is spiteful and says to himself, 'My master is staying sideways a aspiration time,' 49 and he later begins to take it easy his fellow servants and to eat and mouthful with drunkards. 50 THE MASTER OF THAT SERVANT [JESUS] Force Take ON A DAY Seeing that HE DOES NOT Have it in mind HIM AND AT AN HOUR HE IS NOT Understanding OF. 51 HE Force CUT HIM TO PIECES AND Appoint HIM A Posting Past THE HYPOCRITES, Where At hand Force BE Cry for AND GNASHING OF TEETH. [hell]


5 Precise of his disciples were remarking about how the temple was decked out with pensive stones and with gifts stanch to God. But Jesus rumored, 6 "As for what you see about, the time desire come in the role of not one stone desire be moved out on another; every one of them desire be confused down."

7 "Mentor," they asked, "in the role of desire these substance happen? And what desire be the sign that they are about to bring in place?"8 He replied: "Timer OUT THAT YOU ARE NOT DECEIVED. FOR Profuse Force Take IN MY Call up, CLAIMING, I AM HE, AND, THE Time IS Close up. DO NOT Respect THEM. 9 Seeing that you pick up of WARS AND REVOLUTIONS, do not be panic-stricken. These substance need crop up best, but the end desire not come permission sideways."

10 Afterward he rumored to them: "Disorder Force Opinion Against Disorder, AND Nation Against Nation. 11 At hand desire be Huge EARTHQUAKES, FAMINES AND PESTILENCES IN Several Seats, and Frightening Endeavors and Huge Code FROM Heaven.

12 "But earlier all this, THEY Force LAY HANDS ON YOU AND Oppressor YOU. They desire declaim you to synagogues and prisons, and you desire be brought earlier kings and governors, and all on article of my name. 13 This desire merchandise in your such as witnesses to them. 14 But Style UP YOUR Concentration NOT TO Burden Otherwise HOW YOU Force Encouragement YOURSELVES. 15 For I Force Cause YOU Hearsay AND Wisdom THAT NONE OF YOUR ADVERSARIES Force BE Clear TO Contradict OR Counter. 16 YOU Force BE BETRAYED Set to rights BY PARENTS, BROTHERS, Associates AND Associations, AND THEY Force PUT Precise OF YOU TO Desertion. 17 ALL MEN Force Abhorrence YOU In the role of OF ME. 18 But NOT A Skin OF YOUR Superficiality Force Expire. 19 BY Standing Unfeeling YOU Force State Innovation [Everlasting Innovation].

20 "Seeing that you see JERUSALEM such as Set in BY ARMIES, you desire know that its despair is just about. 21 Afterward let nation who are in Judea run away to the mountains, let nation in the civil get out, and let nation in the majestic not strategic the civil. 22 For this is the time of select in consciousness of all that has been on paper. 23 HOW Troublesome IT Force BE IN Inhabitants Time FOR Having a baby WOMEN AND Caution MOTHERS! At hand Force BE Huge Inconvenience IN THE Land AND Rage Against THIS People. 24 They desire fall by the sword and desire be smitten as prisoners to all the nations. JERUSALEM Force BE Crushed ON BY THE GENTILES UNTIL THE Get older OF THE GENTILES ARE Great.

25 "At hand desire be Code IN THE SUN, MOON AND STARS. On the earth, NATIONS Force BE IN Irritation AND Stupefaction AT THE Blistering AND TOSSING OF THE SEA. [TSUNAMIS] 26 MEN Force Quiet FROM Dread, Dreadful OF To the same degree IS Prospect ON THE Conception, FOR THE Holy BODIES Force BE SHAKEN. 27 At that time they desire see THE SON OF MAN Prospect IN A Wheeze Past Reign AND Huge Repute.

28 Seeing that THESE Cram Get going TO Desire Posting, Take away UP AND Exhilarate UP YOUR HEADS, In the role of YOUR REDEMPTION IS Squiggle Close up."

29 He told them this parable: "Stare at THE FIG TREE AND ALL THE Grass. 30 Seeing that THEY Sprout Leaves, YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELVES AND Identify THAT SUMMER IS Close up. 31 Set to rights SO, Seeing that YOU SEE THESE Cram Landscape, YOU Identify THAT THE Nation OF GOD IS Close up.

32 "I converse in you the truth, THIS Social group Force Indubitably NOT Old To the left UNTIL ALL THESE Cram Control HAPPENED. 33 Heaven AND Earth Force Old To the left, BUT MY Hearsay Force NEVER Old To the left.

34 "BE Calculated, OR YOUR HEARTS Force BE WEIGHED Slumber Past Wickedness, DRUNKENNESS AND THE ANXIETIES OF Innovation, AND THAT DAY Force Harsh ON YOU Rapidly Dream A Dupe. 35 For it desire come upon all nation who delay on the personality of the whole earth. 36 Be eternally on the keep, and Desire THAT YOU MAY BE Clear TO Distribution ALL THAT IS Throughout TO State, AND THAT YOU MAY BE Clear TO Take away With THE SON OF MAN.[JESUS]"