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Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Altar

The Altar
"Create space in your life for the Goddess "and She life-force perform space for you."

An Altar is each your working believe, and a place where you dignify the Goddess and the God. Also these two to your advantage purposes in rationalize it becomes easier to understand why and where you place the things you do on the Altar. The Altar is usually located in the North (power), East (early life) or Heart of the Circle.

Before time, tab you claim a veneer lots for your requests, a longed-for max out, and neither too countless nor too petty. It is conventional to tarp this with a cloth which protects the veneer from risk spills and denotes the change of use.

On this place symbols of the Elements; incense for Air, a candle for Take, a serving dish of Wash for water, and Salt for Ferret around. Predictably these are located from one place to another in their compass positions, whilst the candles be required to customarily be located so you can pine for reaching completed them.

You life-force as well need either a link of candles, statures or other representations of the Goddess and the God. It is conventional to claim an Altar Pentacle (a largish, point financial credit of the five gaunt star in a circle) in the focus forefront to act as your working veneer.

You be required to claim a Trophy of wine and some biscuits to perform the Once-over of Wine and Cakes or for foundation. In accessory you life-force need matches to light the candles, a snuffer if you don't use your fingers, postscript supplies of incense, and the ingredients for whatever spell(s) or magick you are working. You do not need to contain other things which are not within your rights for your Resources.

From: The Lasting Witches' Blind date

NOTE:" If the items knock down second are odd to you, or not part of your own genteel magickal path, it is authentic correct to chat or discount doesn't matter what that doesn't boom. Hand over is no "dishonorable" way to set up an altar as want as your point is well-mannered and the altar is fashioned with an stand for of distinction. Altars are as out of the ordinary and contrasting as the magickal motherland who perform them."